Dialogue for Mirka

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  • Player: Nice to meet you. What are you doing out here alone?
  • Mirka: Ah. I'm just having a moment of peace. There's so much hustle and bustle in the town, and it's so nice to see everyone so happy but I just want a minute to appreciate the quiet. Coming here and watching the water helps settle me. Maybe because I was raised on the seas by my parents in my younger years.
  • Player: A yeti at sea? That sounds like quite the story?
  • Mirka: One for another day perhaps? Who knows, maybe we could even go on our adventure one day? Imagine that a littlefoot and a yeti sailing the seas together![sic]
    • I would love that.
      • Mirka: As would I. Let us see what the future holds.
    • I think I'll pass.
      • Mirka: You're right. What a ridiculous concept.