Dialogue for Mining instructor

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  • Mining instructor Greetings. My name is Dezzick and I'm a miner by trade. On either side of me are rocks containing tin and copper ore. Mine two tin ore and two copper ore. We're going to smelt and smith a melee weapon for you.
  • After mining the ores
  • You show the mining instructor the tin ore and copper ore you mined.
  • Mining instructor Great! A bronze pickaxe is the most inefficient pickaxe available, but is perfect for a beginner. The better the pickaxe you use, the faster you will get ore from the rock you're mining. Also, the better the pickaxe, the higher the Mining level you'll require to wield it.
  • Player So why do I want to mine ore?
  • Mining instructor You can use your Smithing skill to smelt ore into metal bars at a furnace. Then at an anvil, you smith the bars into melee weapons and armour worn by warriors. Furnaces are expensive to build and maintain, so there are not that many scattered around the world. I suggest when you find a furnace, you remember its location for future use. You can smelt tin and copper together to make bronze equipment. Simply take the ores required to make a metal to a furnace, then use the ores on the furnace to smelt them into a bar of metal.
  • After smelting a bar
  • Player So how do I make a weapon out of a bronze bar?
  • Mining instructor When you use a metal bar on an anvil, you'll choose the item you want to smith, as long as you have a high enough Smithing level and the correct number of bars. The higher your Smithing level, the better quality of metal you can work. You start off on bronze and work your way up as your Smithing skill increases. Start by smithing a bronze dagger at an anvil.
  • After smithing a dagger
  • Mining instructor Excellent! Now that you have a melee weapon, you're ready to learn about combat.