Transcript of Miner's journal 4

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Raktuber 10

Oh gods, help me. I woke up this morning to find something crawling over my arm. It was like a long strip of diseased flesh scuttling around on thousands of tiny insect like legs. I think it was trying to dig into my arm, to burrow itself into my skin. I ripped it off quickly and found my arm covered in tiny red marks.

I don't know where the thing escaped to. When I looked for it, it had already gone. What in Saradomin's name is this thing?

Raktuber 11

There's something wrong with my arm, the one that thing was eating, my hand is constantly spasming trying to clench itself into a fist. There's a weird rash forming across the arm as well, like a long worm wrapping itself around my arm. I can feel something beneath the skin on my knuckles, something solid and smooth.

What's happening to me?

Raktuber 12

It's so funny now.

I can't stop laughing.

My hand has started to fuse into a useless little ball and the skin on my arm is starting to come away in one long, sinewy strip, like a bandage.

Thousands of voices keep whispering in my head. Horrible voices that want to murder, maim and slaughter. Each word uttered fills me with a sense of anger and hatred of everything around me. Of the walls and their terrible solidness, of the torches and their despicable fire. But most of all I hate every living thing.