Dialogue for Mimic (NPC)

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Before obtaining the token[edit | edit source]

  • The Giant Mimic fight takes place in a safe area - no items will be lost on death. You have 2 minutes 30 seconds to kill the boss or the Giant Mimic will kill you.
  • Killing the boss will reward you with loot crates, which contain random prizes, and a chance at the rare tradeable tongue cape and mimic plushie.
  • Player: Ooooh treasure!
  • The Mimic leaps about angrily as you try to reach inside it's[sic] mouth.
  • Player: Well that didn't work...
  • The Mimic looks at you, you can't understand him but he looks worried.
  • Player: I'm sorry, I don't really know what you want.
  • The Mimic looks at you again, he opens his mouth and from it you see a Mimic Token.
  • Player: No way... you're not getting me again.
  • The Mimic looks at you, you can somehow deduct with what limited knowledge of treasure chest body language you have that he appears to be upset.
  • Player: Well... if you insist.
    • (Without space in inventory:)
      • Wait, hand on I don't ahve space in my backpack!
      • The Mimic looks at you, you feel like in a way he just sighed at you.
      • You need to clear a space in your inventory before you can get the Mimic token from the Mimic.
    • (With space in inventory:)
      • You reach insite the Mimic and grab a[sic] untradeable Mimic kill token.
      • Player: Thank you!
      • You may be able to find more tradeable tokens by killing monsters throughout Gielinor or you might get incredibly lucky and find one skilling!

Upon spoken to afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • The Mimic has no more tokens to give you.