Transcript of Merry Christmas Runescape!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] well kids have a wonderful Christmas
[00:10] although I'm not really sure why I was
[00:12] invited to visit with you anyway Sena
[00:14] was booked you were the only jolly old
[00:16] guy we could find well lovely I guess
[00:19] it's time for me to go anyway I did no
[00:28] but I want it now
[00:30] okay fine ten stories once upon a time
[00:35] there's a man named Scrooge ba you'll be
[00:40] visited by three ghosts miser you suck
[00:46] okay I have some cash after all kid
[00:50] I sold my cousin's armor to buy cannon
[00:54] balls for your cannon but I sold my
[00:56] cannon to buy you new cousins spear Oh
[01:06] welcome to the generals headquarters oh
[01:09] this is new if you are an employee
[01:12] please enter your identification code
[01:16] did you know Jagex is the UK's largest
[01:19] independent developer and publisher of
[01:21] online games it's more Finch would you
[01:27] like to play a game it is called enter
[01:29] your identification code look I'm sorry
[01:32] I'm late for WIC you have ten seconds to
[01:36] enter your identification code or you
[01:39] will be fired upon
[01:41] Oh guys is anybody down
[01:54] we need to give no bleep
[01:57] it means
[01:59] about to get killed letting me in would
[02:02] be very nice of you right now
[02:04] goodbye what the okay I know I don't
[02:23] need you rid of you suck okay I need you
[02:29] after all
[02:33] check out this hat
[02:37] happy birthday mitosis do that again oh
[02:45] cool for you to go away alright first
[02:55] dose of the right oh you a few trillion
[03:05] that's a nice mistletoe up there isn't
[03:07] it why yes it is Christmas sucks I'm
[03:15] taking it away
[03:19] okay well Merry Christmas I'm home alone
[03:26] we're here to rob you okay we're back
[03:55] and what do you want for christmas
[03:58] I want lifetime membership oh don't you
[04:03] mean ho ho ho oh oh as a lifetime
[04:09] membership as if you're getting coal for
[04:13] Christmas
[04:13] what but I've been a good boy next
[04:23] what do you want I wish first Santa hat
[04:25] for Christmas so I can feel more festive
[04:27] you want my heart no this is where I
[04:31] hand get you all died you couldn't come
[04:34] true I'm 99 smithing pickaxe it is good
[04:38] I'm also night-night mining well door
[04:42] you smell yeah Frank Santa next hello
[04:51] Santa
[04:52] cut the chitchat what do you want well I
[04:54] would like a new hood for Christmas and
[04:56] maybe as a hammer and amulet for my mum
[04:59] no baby you're gonna cool you know I am
[05:04] death right I can kill you just like
[05:06] that okay you can stop
[05:29] you terrorists suck Merry Christmas
[05:41] honey hello Virginia is it really Santa
[05:47] Claus
[05:49] yes yay the end well I'm out here Merry
[05:55] Christmas guys you suck
[06:01] ah crap
[06:24] Merry Christmas
[06:46] hello Merry Christmas everyone you pull
[06:53] a [ __ ] like this I know you can Merry
[06:56] Christmas Merry Christmas
[07:02] I look like Merry Christmas Merry
[07:06] Christmas Merry Christmas Merry
[07:10] Christmas everybody Merry Christmas
[07:16] Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
[07:22] everybody
[07:28] hi everyone have a great Christmas -
[07:30] Happy New Year hope you gave thing you
[07:32] want including the rare purple Sam
[07:34] runescape