Transcript of Merlin's Crystal journal entry

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  • I spoke to King Arthur and he said I would be worthy of becoming a Knight of the Round Table if I could free Merlin from a giant crystal that he has been trapped in.
  • Gawain told me it was the work of Morgan Le Faye.
  • I told Lancelot of Gawain's suspicions, and he told me that Mordred's Fortress is not completely impenetratable[sic].
  • I stowed away in a shipment of candles and reached the Stronghold of Sir Mordred, and bested him in combat.
  • In return for sparing her son, Morgan Le Faye told me how I could break the spell that had imprisoned Merlin.
  • I need to summon the spirit Thrantax at a magic symbol as close to the Crystal as I can possibly find
  • I summoned the Spirit Thrantax and forced him to aid me in breaking Morgan Le Fayes curse upon Merlin. He used his magic to weaken the crystal so that a blow from Excalibur would be able to shatter it for good.
  • I freed Merlin by shattering the Crystal that trapped him and when I told King Arthur how I had singlehandedly[sic] freed Merlin from his prison when his other Knights had failed he immediately made me a Knight of the Round Table.