Transcript of Menaphos Double XP Weekend - RuneScape's last-minute tips

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] The Double XP Weekend is mere moments away, arriving on Friday the 19th.
[00:12] But for many of you, that will be something of a surprise.
[00:14] So how do you prepare when there's only a few hours to go
[00:17] and everyone's jumped onto to the Grand Exchange like it's Black Friday?
[00:20] We've compiled some last-minute tips and easy-wins
[00:23] so that you can make the most out of your Double XP Weekend.
[00:25] If you're doing any bankstanding skills this Double XP Weekend, have a look and go into the highly populated areas
[00:30] such as the Combat Academy or the Lumbridge Crater
[00:32] because there you'll find other people who are using things like pulse cores
[00:35] which can give you up to an additional 10% of bonus experience.
[00:39] If you have a refer-a-friend scroll, make sure you use it on Double XP Weekend so you get 20% bonus instead of 10% bonus.
[00:45] A quick way to gain extra XP this Double XP Weekend is to join a clan.
[00:49] You can get 3% extra XP by skilling with your clanmates
[00:53] or, if you run the clan avatar, you can get an extra 6% XP, which is some serious gains.
[00:57] Try to avoid skills where you're competing with other players for resources.
[01:01] This could be things like Mining, Hunter or Slayer.
[01:04] Go for a skill that you know you're not gonna be completing. You have your own resources.
[01:08] Things like the Arc island.
[01:10] I suggest trying to find a good island before Double XP Weekend and fly back.
[01:14] If you wanna do Slayer over the weekend,
[01:16] then try to get Slayer assignments that you can do without the interference of other players.
[01:21] For example, muspahs, nihils or even boss monsters like the dagannoth kings instead of the regular dagannoths.
[01:27] Make sure you get enough sleep so you can grind down all the skills you want to do.
[01:30] Portables. Try to group up with your friends, your clan members and use them together.
[01:35] A very popular spot in game is currently the Combat Academy.
[01:39] Keep hopping worlds and you might find the portable you need.
[01:42] Top tip for Double XP Weekend is to get plenty of snacks, plenty of drinks,
[01:47] good music, good films or tv shows, and sleep is XP waste.
[01:51] Before Menaphos, make sure you unlock the crystallise spell. It may come in useful.
[01:55] To unlock crystallise do the The Light Within quest.
[01:58] And a cheeky final one from me.
[02:00] Less of a tip and more something to be aware of.
[02:03] Menaphos is coming on June 5th and, while there are only a few novice quests to enter the city,
[02:07] you'll be wanting some additional levels to make the most of what's there.
[02:10] Train Slayer up to level 87 to access the Slayer dungeon.
[02:14] You'll also want to get level 50 in Agility, Construction, Crafting, Divination,
[02:19] Dungeoneering, Prayer, Runecrafting and Thieving to access the skilling tombs.
[02:22] But get level 70 and 90 in those same skills and you'll make that loot cake even tastier.
[02:27] If you want more information about Menaphos,
[02:29] check out our microsite which is linked in the description below.
[02:32] And let us know what you are training this Double XP Weekend.
[02:35] Give us a pointer in the comments. Maybe share your top tips and tricks with everybody.
[02:39] Have a great Double XP Weekend and happy 'scaping!
[02:53] I can't undo that now. Where's my mum?