Transcript of Memoriam crystal s04

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Until now my search has been fruitless and mournful, but I have finally discovered a world with life - a beautiful race of creatures filled with joy, who live in harmony with their verdant world. There is a strong sign here of a creator's hand - perhaps the indigenous life knows something of that creator's whereabouts. I shaped myself in their image and revealed myself to them, fearful of what effect I might have on them, but hopeful that they could point the way. They loved me from the first, but I did not cause it - they chose to do so! It was not a result of the control Mah instilled in me, at least, I do not believe that to be the case. It feels even more intoxicating, but I remain cogent. I can only surmise that what Mah created artificially has been manifested naturally with these beings. I see now that what Mah did to us was wrong, but this feels so right! Could it be as simple as the right to choose?

Never shall I leave their side.