Transcript of Memoriam crystal 14

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I was wrong about Zaros's legacy. Even now, his empire crumbles, beset on all sides by the followers of other gods. His life's work is being undone by fear and jealousy, and in time will be forgotten entirely. The peace that his empire brought to the world is broken - and now the vultures picking at his corpse seek to encroach upon Tirannwn. I shan't allow it! I have tasked Clan Cadarn with the protection of all the clans and these lands we call home. Baxtorian holds the eastern entrance to the hidden pass with a cadre of elven mages and scouts, and a small force of Iorwerth. While Zaros held the reigns of his empire we were safe - he ensured our lands were left untouched - but that can no longer be relied upon. I shall attune the anima of Tirannwn to erect a barrier around us, which should keep us isolated from the others of this world. All elves must retreat into the forests. If Zaros can be forgotten, then so can we. Hopefully, it will buy the time I require. We shall leave the rest of the world to their wars. I have been wrong about so much. I hope that I am not wrong about this.