Transcript of Memoriam crystal 12

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I have been so enrapt in my goal of freeing my elves from their unseen enslavement to me, and so focussed upon my efforts beneath the mountains, that I have failed to notice events occurring in the wider world. Word of an ever expanding empire has reached our borders. My first thoughts were of fear for the safety of my people, and so I endeavoured to learn as much as I could of this potential new threat, and it was not long before I discovered that its emperor was none other than Zaros! Knowing this, my concern dissipated. I wondered what could have led him to such, but after reflecting upon my own experiences with mortality I wondered no more. I reached out to him, in hopes that he might hold the answers I sought. I was apprehensive, considering how we affect one another, but upon his arrival I noted that our connection had waned, and within that I saw the truth. Magic could not undo what I had done to my elves, only separation from the source. From me. As divine beings, Zaros and I could withstand such separation, but the frailty of the elves leads them to sickness and death. My separation from them must be gradual. It was as well that I figured this for myself, for Zaros did not come with solutions, only problems of his own. I would have helped if I could, but my elves must come first. All I could do was tell him of my own journey through Guthix's gate, in hopes that he could find his answers elsewhere. My elves and I would not be requiring a way to return home to Tarddiad for a very long time...