Transcript of Memoriam crystal 11

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The Iorwerth seem best suited for my initial tests with this death energy. They were willing volunteers, of course, for they both loved and trusted me. Together we developed a range of spells, rituals and blessings, and infused this energy with crystal to explore its effects. To begin with, nothing happened, but slowly the elves grew more accustomed to the energy and grew more confident in its use. From this, we learned things of value to elven society. Unfortunately, it did not have the desired effect of negating my influence over them. There was something about this energy, made me feel something I had not felt for a long time. And while I enjoyed this sensation - which I can only describe as a memory of euphoria - it was only ever temporary. And while away from the energy, negative thoughts found their way into my mind - depression over my lack of progress, guilt over what I had done to the elves, anxiety of what might become of them, longing for our old home on Tarddiad. I aborted the tests and sealed away the energy - it was not the answer I had been seeking.