Transcript of Memoriam crystal 09

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Guthix has gone to slumber in order to mitigate the drain on this world as best he can, but also to leave his humans to their own devices. He invited me to join him, and I wished to go. But if I were to do so, it would leave my elves to their fate. I care for them, and I must try to set them free. The magic of the creators woven into stones is the key, I feel it. I must find a way to use it to break my link, so that I may assist Guthix. Prifddinas's population has boomed since our arrival, and Haluned's presence alone is no longer enough to sustain them. Thus, I must remain, and Haluned can once again be my proxy in the world. Although I feel like I already know every corner of Isafdar, I shall begin my search anew, with fresh eyes. Haluned is a capable mage in her own right, but I have asked her to travel as a human would, to view this world from their perspective. This will require her to traverse beneath the mountains to the east into human lands. I hope it is safe.