Transcript of Memoriam crystal 06

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Knowing I could not leave my elves alone for any length of time, I removed a shard of my being and breathed life into it. I shaped it to look like one of my elves and named it Haluned, then sent it to explore this world of Guthix's. She would be my eyes and ears. This world's abundance of anima struck me immediately but I could also feel a drain on it. There was no doubt; my suspicions had been confirmed - the creators were here. Haluned explored this world as my proxy. Guthix's humans were there, attuned with nature but in a manner different from the elves. One of them was different from the others, out of flux somehow misplaced in time. I shall inform Guthix of this. If magic such as this existed here, then I knew there must be a way to fix what I had done to the elves. The elves will be sad to leave their home, but they must come here with me. This new world could be their salvation.