Dialogue for Megan (Party Room)

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Megan: Hi! I'm Megan. Welcome to the Party Room!

  • One beer please, Megan!
    • Player: One beer please, Megan!
    • Megan: Certainly mister/ma'am! Coming right up! That's two coins, please.
    • Megan has given you a beer.
  • Can you dance, Megan?
    • Player: Can you dance, Megan?
    • Megan: Can I dance?!
    • Megan: CAN I dance?!!
    • Player: Dance with me Megan!
    • Player and Megan proceed to dance
  • Do you have any news?
    • Player: Do you have any news?
    • Megan: Not at the moment. I've heard that the known world is expanding as new places are discovered.
    • Megan: These are exciting times indeed!
  • Never mind.
    • Player: Never mind.