Transcript of Meet the Tengu

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Tengu, Shanao, and the player.
  • The Tengu: Greetings, great Portmaster! I am Sojobo, hunter of demons, banisher of ghosts, champion of the downtrodden and prankster of the rude!
  • Player: Um, okay. Are you planning to bring trouble to my port?
  • The Tengu: No, no! Trouble is everywhere, but I do not bring it. I seek out trouble wherever it is and quash it!
  • Player: So you're something of a hero in these parts?
  • The Tengu: Hero? Hahahaha! No, no, no, I am a legend! I am the Mask of the Ten Gu, and I vanquish the evildoers of Wushanko, wherever they may lurk!
  • Player: You're the Mask of the Ten Gu? Wait, you're just the mask?
  • The Tengu: Ah, er, yes. Sorry, I should introduce you. Hang on...
  • ???: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: No, I hadn't forgotten you. Yes, I was getting to that. Don't be that way.
  • ???: (mumble)
  • Player: Who are you talking to?
  • The Tengu: I was talking to Shanao. I am Sojobo, Mask of the Ten Gu...but the man wearing me is called Shanao.
  • Player: Wait, you're controlling him? Speaking for him? And he's okay with that?
  • The Tengu: Of course! We are a team! Without me, he would not survive. Without him, I'd just be sitting on a table somewhere.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: Hahaha, yes, I'll ask. Shanao is getting a bit too old to fly everywhere, and we still have many wrongs to right! Would you allow us use of your fleet?
  • Player: Sure, why not?
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked The Tengu adventurer, Sojobo (and Shanao)! The Tengu now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.