Transcript of Meet the Occultist

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Occultist and the player.
  • The Occultist: Filthy, unimaginative peasants. I was the one who had to give them the ideas. They certainly weren't going to produce any on their own. 'Try that splendidly sharp-looking axe over there.', 'Would you be so good as to hang me?', 'Just drop a great big boulder on me!' All a waste of time, of course, but a girl has to try.
  • Player: You wanted them to torture you?
  • The Occultist: No, I didn't want them to torture me. I wanted them to KILL me. And they did a rather poor job of it. Anyway, I must rest. Perhaps we could meet later to discuss my death? It would rather make my day.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Occultist adventurer, Zu Zu! The Occultist now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.