Transcript of Meet the Memory

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Memory and the player.
  • The Memory: Thanks for taking me in, World Guardian. I knew I'd be able to count on you!
  • Player: I wouldn't turn away a child in need. But would you mind telling me something of yourself?
  • The Memory: You probably suspect some of it! I'm naragi, the same race as Guthix. And - depending on how you look at it - Guthix was my father.
  • The Memory: I'm his daughter, Aagi, but I'm also not Aagi. It hurts my head thinking about it. In truth, I'm a colony of wisps - divine energy. We're Guthix's strongest memories of his daughter, coalesced into a single entity.
  • Player: And that's why that diviner was after you? To harvest your energy?
  • The Memory: What else would a diviner want from a colony? The eastern mercenaries called him 'Kakashi'.
  • Player: Well, you'll be safe from him here. They didn't get the chance to report your location back.
  • The Memory: Thank you, World Guardian! I feel like I know you, or have been watching you for some time. Sorry if that sounds creepy - that must be one of Guthix's memories.
  • Player: This is going to take some getting used to...
  • The Memory: For both of us!
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Memory adventurer, Aagi! The Memory now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.