Transcript of Meet the Exile

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Exile and the player.
  • Player: It's unusual to find a gorajo outside of Daemonheim.
  • The Exile: I am not gorajo.
  • Player: So, ramokee then? Ramokee are rarely good news. I don't need any trouble here.
  • The Exile: I am not ramokee. I will not cause any trouble, naabe. I seek only solitude.
  • Player: Not gorajo or ramokee. May I ask what, then?
  • The Exile: No word in your language suits. I am between gorajo and ramokee.
  • Player: You're a worldbearer, right? How about I call you that?
  • The Exile: A worldbearer with no burden is no longer a worldbearer.
  • Player: I see. I'll admit that this isn't in my top five conversations of all time. What should I call you then?
  • The Exile: The easterners mostly call me 'Exile'. You may do the same. I care little.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Exile adventurer, the Unburdened Worldbearer! The Exile now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.