Transcript of Meet the Convict

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Convict and the player.
  • Player: I've read your list of convictions, Mr Waxenwing.
  • The Convict: What do you think? I've always been proud of the variety: pickpocketing a noble, blackmailing an archbishop. Oh, impersonating a regent's pet - that's a favourite. Was lucky to get that one.
  • Player: It's quite a range of crimes.
  • The Convict: Cheers. Still, the reign has to come to an end. Either one does the time, or one runs away. So here one is, running away.
  • Player: Why wouldn't I send you back to jail?
  • The Convict: I can see why that'd be tempting, mostly for the reward. But my crimes have never hurt anyone.
  • The Convict: I steal little and often from the obscenely rich, and the money is spent on indulging in their lifestyle. I enjoy the perks of high society.
  • The Convict: If you still want to jail me, well, you should look at yourself. You're a legend in thieving circles. Wouldn't capturing me be hypocritical?
  • Player: Okay, you've persuaded me. How can I help?
  • The Convict: I want to disappear into the east, somewhere quiet. I shall make some enquiries then come back to see you.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Convict adventurer, Horatio! The Convict now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.