Transcript of Meet the Biologist

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Biologist and the player.
  • Player: So, that's all of it! A crate of amphibians, two filing cabinets of bugs, twenty cages of birds and a bucket of sea monster droppings.
  • The Biologist: Oh, deary, deary me. This won't do. Where's the scientific breakthrough?
  • Player: You've got to be kidding. I've got a cargo-hold wriggling with new species!
  • The Biologist: Yes, yes, very lovely, and you can be proud of your efforts. But where's the prize-winning find? I don't suppose you came across a cradle of life? Proof that we're all descended from algae?
  • Player: Well, I came across a walking shark...
  • The Biologist: Pedestrian!
  • Player: A turtle that could see into the future...
  • The Biologist: Expected!
  • Player: A plant that drilled into the ground...
  • The Biologist: Boring!
  • Player: A half-human, half-fish race...
  • The Biologist: Aah, that might have legs. Human mutants. They'd likely have a developed physiology, potential disease resistance... And I can see the title now. 'Sea Mutants: Aberration or Evolution?' Oh, that is super-duper.
  • Player: I take it you're interested in the sea orphans, then?
  • The Biologist: Great gravy-boats yes! But hold that thought! I'm off to get funding from the museum. The name's Bethan by the way. See you in a jiffy!
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Biologist adventurer, Bethan! The Biologist now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.