Transcript of Meet the Architect

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Architect and the player.
  • The Architect: I must thank you and your crew for answering my call.
  • Player: Not a problem. How can we help?
  • The Architect: My name is Lidylla. I am an architect, and my hometown is in need of assistance.
  • The Architect: We are suffering from seismic disturbances, and the epicentre is below our settlement.
  • The Architect: The tremors are causing major structural damage, and the land has began to subside into the ocean.
  • Player: I'm not sure how we can help you.
  • The Architect: I have come here to study your building techniques and materials. Your Lumbridge Castle withstood a blast of some force.
  • Player: Now I understand. When you're ready to return to the Eastern Lands, let me know.
  • The Architect: Thank you, Portmaster.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Architect adventurer, Lidylla! The Architect now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.