Dialogue for Mechanayak

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mechanayak and the player.

Before Kerapac Track[edit | edit source]

Overhead line[edit | edit source]

  • (One of the following is shown once a minute:)
    • Mechanayak: Announcement: The Kerapack Track will soon be upon us.
    • Mechanayak: Declaration: Hey, you! Meatsack! Yes, you!
    • Mechanayak: Exclamation: Greetings, fleshbags.
    • Mechanayak: Proclamation: Hi.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • MECHANAYAK Declaration: Greetings fleshling. I am here to announce the arrival of the latest Yak Track, the Kerapac track.
  • MECHANAYAK It will be arriving on the 21st September. Make sure to mark your nearest unintegrated date tracking device.
  • MECHANAYAK Once it has started you will be able to earn many fantastic rewards. Such as me. Myself. And I.
  • PLAYER Thank you for the information.
  • MECHANAYAK Insincere retort: You are welcome.

During Kerapac Track[edit | edit source]

  • (Without Yak Track Task List:)
    • Player receives Yak Track Task List.
    • (Continues below)
  • (Only on first time:)
    • PLAYER Ahhh!
    • PLAYER It's a mechanical Yak!
    • MECHANAYAK Statement: Yes.
    • PLAYER Ahhh!
    • PLAYER It's a talking mechanical Yak!
    • MECHANAYAK Redundant statement: Yes.
    • MECHANAYAK Exposition: Allow this unit to introduce itself.
    • MECHANAYAK Salutations, fleshbag. I am the Mechanayak.
    • MECHANAYAK I am here to host the latest Yak Track, the Kerapac track.
    • PLAYER Pleased to meet you!
    • MECHANAYAK Insincere retort: Likewise.
    • MECHANAYAK Query: Is there something you require?
    • (Continues below)
  • (After the first time:)
    • MECHANAYAK Greeting: Hello again, meatbag.
    • (Continues below)
    • How does the Yak Track work?
      • PLAYER How does the Yak Track work?
      • MECHANAYAK Recitation: You get to go on an adventure and earn rewards along the way.
      • MECHANAYAK You can complete tasks to progress along the track.
      • MECHANAYAK You will be given a choice between two tasks at a time, but you only need to complete one of them to progress.
      • MECHANAYAK If you don't feel like doing either of them then you can use a task skip to move on.
      • MECHANAYAK As you progress along the track you will earn rewards; Premier Club members and those who have purchased a Premier Pass will earn additional premium rewards.
      • MECHANAYAK If you purchase a Premier Pass you will receive any premium rewards you would have been eligible for.
      • MECHANAYAK Recitation concluded. Did that answer your query, meatbag?
      • PLAYER It did.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • What's your backstory?
      • PLAYER What's your backstory?
      • MECHANAYAK Warning: Long, tragic backstory mode initiated.
      • PLAYER Oh no!
      • MECHANAYAK Clarification: That was a joke.
      • MECHANAYAK Explanation: I was located inside the laboratory on the island designated Anachronia.
      • MECHANAYAK I do not know when or how I was created. Though this unit seems to incorporate a mixture of mechanical and magical elements.
      • PLAYER How did you get out of the laboratory?
      • MECHANAYAK Response: When the eruption started, the fleshbag known as Thok released me from my holding cell, allowing me to escape the destruction.
      • MECHANAYAK I am... grateful. He is worthy of respect, despite his inferior, liquidous form.
      • (Without having started Lore Hunter tasks:)
        • MECHANAYAK Well-planned segue: Speaking of the events that took place on Anachronia, you should speak to the Curator over there.
        • MECHANAYAK He has been tasked with investigating the repercussions of what happened, and could use your assistance.
        • PLAYER Thanks for letting me know.
        • (Shows previous options)
      • (Shows previous options)
    • Bye!
      • PLAYER Bye!
      • MECHANAYAK Statement: Farewell.
      • (If the backstory was queried and tier 1 of Kerapac Track hasn't been completed:)
        • You have just finished your current Yak Track task: Yakstory.
          Open the Yak Track interface to claim your rewards.