Dialogue for May Stormbrewer

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This transcript involves dialogue with May Stormbrewer and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • I'd like to talk about chronicles.
      • May Stormbrewer: Ah, chronicles are a rare find. As you may have seen, sometimes a chronicle will appear when harvesting a wisp. Chronicles can be thought of as particularly strong memories; powerful remnants of Guthix's life force.
      • Player: Offer them, where?
      • May Stormbrewer: It must be somewhere with a powerful connection to Guthix. So far, we have discovered two places.
      • Those who have completed The World Wakes may offer their chronicles in the post-quest area for additional reward.
      • May Stormbrewer: The one available to you is right here in the crater. This area seems to be full of Guthix's residual energy. If you choose to, I can help you offer your chronicles here. There's another area you can offer your chronicles that will give you a greater reward, but something tells me you are not ready to go there yet.
      • Select an option
        • I have some chronicles to hand in.
          • May Stormbrewer: Of course, I will aid you. If you have any chronicle fragments in your bank, I can draw them here so don't worry about collecting them.
          • Players who have completed The World Wakes can hand in their chronicle fragments at Guthix's shrine for greater XP.
          • As the chronicle fragments flow from you the following words float in to your mind...
          • Changing your thoughts will change your experiences.
        • That's all, thanks.
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • I'd like to talk about something else.
      • May Stormbrewer: It seems you are up to date with our discoveries! I'd be happy to share my research with you if you're interested, although it is much more academic than that we have covered so far.
      • Select an option
        • Do you know where the wisps came from?
          • May Stormbrewer: As far as we can tell, the catalyst for all of this was Guthix's death. There seem to be two aspects to the wisps: they are a fusion of memories and divine energy. We believe the memories are remnants of Guthix's life force. They hold his residual power, if you like. We think that when Guthix died, his power was expelled and spread across the world, manifesting itself as these memories. Divine energy on the other hand, seem to be something different. When Guthix died, his edicts were broken. It seems these 'edicts' were actually a real, physical barrier around Gielinor. This barrier was broken down and fell to the surface. We believe the power of the shield is now held in divine energy.
        • Do you know where the craters came from?
          • May Stormbrewer: Ah, the craters. Now these are perhaps a cause for concern. They have opened - spontaneously, it seems - since Guthix's death. We can only speculate, but we believe the world has been weakened by Guthix's death. The damage caused to Gielinor has physically manifested as the craters. We believe the light you see coming from the craters is the life force of Gielinor itself. It is slowly draining from the earth. The wisps are attracted to the craters because this life force is the same force that Guthix drew from to become so powerful, and that same force now saturates the wisps as his memories.
        • Why can memories be converted?
          • May Stormbrewer: So, we know that memories are Guthix's residual life force, and the craters are damage to the world. It seems that by giving Guthix's life force back to the earth, we are healing it to some extent. By doing this, we are rewarded with either experience or divine energy - things the earth has no need for. It can only benefit from the life force of the memories.
        • What do you think the future holds?
          • May Stormbrewer: Who can say? The craters show that the world is damaged, and may continue to degrade. No one knows if we can repair it without Guthix. And one can only guess what the consequences would be if we do not.
        • That's all, thanks.
          • (Dialogue ends)