Transcript of May Skilling Update Reveal - April 27th 2021

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Intro[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Hooli: Hello everybody and welcome to another RuneScape livestream, our first of two this week. Just like the good old days, getting back into swing of things. Today we're here to talk about some brand new upgrades coming to an existing RuneScape skill. As some of you may have spotted in our in-game broadcast, that is indeed Divination. So we're gonna talk a little Divination here and about some updates coming to the skill. And joining us to tell us about this journey into upgrading an existing skill are Mod Osborne...
  • Mod Osborne: Hello lovelies. Alright(?).
  • Mod Hooli: ...and Mod Shogun.
  • Mod Shogun: Hello.
  • Mod Hooli: Alright. Just before we go into details, we got a couple housekeeping bits up front, got a couple things cooking. So firstly, to those of you still locked out, we want you to know that we're very much still working on your accounts, you're still very much top of our priority list, we have engineers still dedicated on working your accounts. We don't quite still have some new to share, but the work is continuing, we really hope to have something to say to you soon that's really meaningful. So if you are out there, one of the few that are still kind of waiting for your account back, know that we're still on it, and we just can only say thank you so much for all the incredible patience you're continuing to show, and we'll keep you looked after through our aftercare for your extended wait.

    Secondly, a couple things that we want to touch on as well that I saw a few people mention in the community that have shifted due to the login lockout, and some things that have happened since. So firstly, the Wishes, we talked about those as being something we were looking at for the end of April, obviously here we are at the end of April. Those are just taking a bunch of development work to put together, the team is putting in a ton of custom development work to really bring to life some of the things that we know you are looking to see. (?). So while they are not quite here yet, they are still in development, and they won't be too long, we just don't have a confirm date to share right now just as we finish them up. But, I'm gonna say personally I feel like you're gonna be happy with the way- I think it's gonna be worth what the team's putting together, and it's gonna result in something really cool and unique for the world. And also speaking of which, same team as well, also helped bring to life the D&D&D Week. Hopefully you've been having a ton of fun with that, I know I've been getting a ton of progress on my middling Ports progress this week, with all the extra resources and getting some extra ship slots and stuff, so I'm hoping you're all making good use of that too. And then also there's the next chapter in the Elder God Wars, we've talked about story's gonna continue[sic], the saga will continue. Mod Warden mentioned in a stream that some of you picked up on that we might be talking about around the end of April, because there's some shifts in everything and exciting updates like this that we have coming next week, we're not quite ready to talk about it next week, but we will be talking about it soon, and I will say that there's gonna be a real momentum behind the Elder God Wars. Once we start talking about it, you're really gonna see this saga kind of take off for the rest of the year. So stay tuned, there is stuff coming on that.

    And last but certainly not least in my long monologue at the start of this, you 'Scapers have come out of the gate so strong as always. If you haven't already seen the news: preregistration, tier 1 rewards, you have smashed that for mobile already. So you've already unlocked the Soft Punk hairstyle, and I'm sure you're gonna smash the next one, so keep your friends getting to those preregistrations, keep building up for an amazing day 1 on mobile, we cannot wait, it's gonna be awesome, we'll have more to talk about that soon.

Divination Update[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Hooli: Alright, this is the point where I shut up and the interesting people speak. So, Divination, haha. Mod Osborne, I'm coming to you first. I know you've talked before about wanting to deliver a variety content over the year(?). We've had, you know, some bossing content, we've had some quests, load of miniquests, we've had events, and now we've got skilling. So, first I want you to tell people like, why Divination, what was the thought process behind and update for Divination.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, yeah I know a lot of people have been in chat before this speculating about, oh will it be, will it be Woodcutting? Will it be a new(?) Dungeoneering upgrade in order to like- and don't worry they are- they are very much still on the list, and things like that. But I'm gonna- I'm gonna start this story with possibly the worst thing that you should start with which is data. But, um, basically (Transcript missing. edit)

Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[09:15] but um basically what people don't know
[09:18] is that we
[09:19] or necessarily know is um we've got a
[09:21] massive overview
[09:22] over um what people train what people
[09:24] who got xp and things like that
[09:26] and for years we've been looking at
[09:27] divination and we and
[09:29] its graph of training and where people
[09:31] are at in terms of levels is wildly
[09:33] different from every other skill
[09:35] it's very unusual like if you go to
[09:37] combat skills if you go to
[09:38] gathering skills and manufacturing
[09:39] skills you tend to see this kind of
[09:41] curve upwards until you know um we hit
[09:44] those kind of
[09:45] stodgy level bands where people start
[09:47] start getting stuck at level 70 80
[09:49] and then people peak at 99 you know
[09:51] you've got your skill cape there's no
[09:52] necessarily
[09:53] any reason to train up into the visual
[09:54] virtual levels and that kind of thing
[09:56] with divination it's wildly different so
[09:59] what happens is you've got loads of
[10:00] people stuck at level one for a start
[10:03] they're a huge proportion more so than
[10:05] way more than any other skill
[10:07] i still stuck at level one i mean you
[10:08] could count you could count invention
[10:10] but that's subtly different
[10:11] but yeah there are a number of people
[10:12] who've decided that they haven't they're
[10:14] not even going to bother trying to train
[10:16] dungeoneering
[10:17] sorry tried to tame don't generally try
[10:19] to train divination so
[10:21] there's people stuck there and then you
[10:23] can probably guess where the other
[10:24] milestone is people are stuck at level
[10:25] 80.
[10:26] and so what that tells me is a couple of
[10:28] things like if it's at number one
[10:30] there's actually the prospect of doing
[10:32] divination there's nothing worth
[10:34] training it for like why would i do
[10:36] divination
[10:37] because there's no unlock there's no
[10:38] reward there's no overload
[10:40] or whatever you want to call it um with
[10:42] divination that makes it genuinely
[10:43] worthwhile we've got porters we've got
[10:44] signs of life things like that
[10:46] you know decent kind of mid-tier things
[10:48] we've got we we're lacking
[10:50] kind of reasons to train it and the
[10:51] reasons for me why people stick at level
[10:54] 80 obviously is
[10:55] um uh invention is that people have set
[10:59] themselves a milestone and gone oh i've
[11:00] got there now i never have to train
[11:02] divination again
[11:03] which tells me that it's also not
[11:06] brilliant to train it's not
[11:07] fun there's something about it it's loop
[11:11] if you want to get into a design kind of
[11:13] terminology there's something about his
[11:14] enjoyment
[11:15] that isn't there and so you know we
[11:18] we've chatted about this for a while
[11:19] this project has
[11:20] actually been on backlogs here and there
[11:22] for the best part of three years just we
[11:24] haven't told you about it
[11:25] it's had various names like divination
[11:27] sexification and
[11:29] uh kind of um what was the other one
[11:31] that we had
[11:32] a divine intervention was another one
[11:34] you know we've had we've had these
[11:35] things on the backlog but um
[11:37] just trying to find the right project
[11:38] trying to find the right time hasn't
[11:39] come around
[11:41] but we knew full well the best ways of
[11:43] doing this number one
[11:45] was you have to address core divination
[11:48] it is not fun
[11:49] and i'll revitalize that as being is
[11:51] sitting between stalls in how intense it
[11:53] is
[11:54] it feels like something that you should
[11:56] be able to do second screening you know
[11:58] i'm
[11:58] watching away on netflix and then you
[12:00] know you kind of
[12:02] go back to divination and you've been
[12:03] left left a wisp you know maybe even
[12:04] have logged out you know
[12:05] it's such a pain in that sense it
[12:07] doesn't quite fit either
[12:09] intensity or low intensity with
[12:10] chronicles with um
[12:12] you know the very swells that come along
[12:14] so we need to address that that was
[12:16] number one we want to make it fun to
[12:17] train
[12:18] but the other one was with there are a
[12:20] number of things particularly in the
[12:21] kind of core rewards
[12:22] particularly in things like
[12:23] transmutations where
[12:26] it's just it's just not it's just not
[12:28] enticing enough that the
[12:29] the the unlock to unlock rewards just
[12:33] aren't brilliant
[12:34] so um as we do with many skills we've
[12:36] got so many skills and i'd say over half
[12:39] of them
[12:39] deserve some love i mean you could
[12:42] probably all say that maybe
[12:43] you've got a list um
[12:46] but to completely rework them in a
[12:49] mining and smithing sense
[12:51] isn't viable you can't you can't do that
[12:55] like um we'd be playing catch up all the
[12:57] time by the time we got to the end of
[12:58] the list
[12:58] archaeology would be 20 years old and we
[13:00] probably need to look at that you know
[13:02] it's that kind of thing so you've got to
[13:03] be more tactical
[13:05] um so what we thought was um
[13:07] particularly with the writing here we
[13:08] wanted some skilling as well
[13:10] is divination let's try starting out
[13:13] with something that comes at it from
[13:16] that injection
[13:17] almost every mastery mode is there
[13:20] something you can just inject a bit of
[13:21] value
[13:22] play about with the core loop of um
[13:24] divination
[13:25] and just see if that works and then in
[13:28] the future if you want to do something
[13:29] that's actually here's a high intensity
[13:31] big game hunter for divination sure you
[13:34] could do that
[13:35] and you can lay that on top but we just
[13:36] want to address the bedrock first
[13:38] and we think that's the best solution
[13:39] for divination just like
[13:41] probably the best solution for
[13:42] dungeoneering is um
[13:44] mass overhauls and combat tweaks just
[13:46] like the best solution construction
[13:48] is starting from scratch there's
[13:50] probably a different solution for each
[13:52] skill
[13:53] um yeah sorry i've rambled alone but
[13:55] hopefully you could see that's good kind
[13:56] of
[13:57] the desires that we took into divination
[14:00] yeah and so i
[14:01] like a question for that is obviously
[14:02] last year we did we introduced
[14:04] construction contracts as an alternative
[14:05] way
[14:06] uh to skill construction as an as a way
[14:09] to kind of give people a different
[14:10] you know slightly less xp intensive uh
[14:13] way of doing this
[14:14] what's primarily the goals behind this
[14:16] one with the core skilling loop so
[14:17] instead of going for an alternate way
[14:18] we're going to addressing that core
[14:20] you've talked about it's not very uh
[14:22] compelling obviously people with there's
[14:24] obviously a fundamental problem there
[14:25] what are the design goals for what
[14:27] you're trying to achieve with this to
[14:28] make it
[14:29] compelling yeah so um i mean mod shogun
[14:32] will go into huge detail about this and
[14:34] hopefully show us
[14:35] but i think that it's when it comes to
[14:37] swift um skilling
[14:38] swimming becomes the skilling there's um
[14:42] there's a mood switching often we're in
[14:44] in a state whereby um
[14:45] we are able to pay attention or we are
[14:47] not able to pay attention
[14:49] what we really want to do is be able to
[14:51] accommodate both of those and really
[14:52] nail
[14:52] both of those so what we've got is um um
[14:55] shogun will take you through a lot of
[14:57] how a lot of the ways that it's going to
[14:58] be
[14:59] um uh it's going to be more welcoming
[15:02] and generous
[15:03] if you are doing the afk element
[15:06] which is kind of the approach that we
[15:07] took with mine in with rework
[15:09] is that you can still satisfy it
[15:11] satisfactorily to stay there and do what
[15:13] you want
[15:13] but there's also a little bit more for
[15:15] the player who pays attention we can do
[15:16] something in the social space
[15:18] that means the players who are together
[15:19] and paying attention can benefit each
[15:21] other
[15:21] and we've learned that from archaeology
[15:23] really it's something we'd love to have
[15:25] with virtually every skill it's that
[15:26] sense of i am benefiting from being
[15:28] around others but it's not forced
[15:30] multiplayer
[15:31] there's this kind of passive benefit of
[15:33] being around others that's great and we
[15:34] love that about runescape
[15:35] so yeah that hopefully we can then
[15:39] capture the mood switch
[15:40] so when you're in that moment we want to
[15:41] switch and go right now i'm going to pay
[15:43] attention you know
[15:44] if we got to a slow bit in um uh falcon
[15:47] in the winter soldier so i'm going to
[15:48] you know pay attention for this bit
[15:49] you know you can do um sorry i'm a dad
[15:53] so i'm trying to do topical
[15:54] name checking cool so without further
[15:58] ado on that
[15:58] uh shogun uh just just before we bring
[16:01] up uh kind of a viewing game we go
[16:03] through everything
[16:04] um how did that design inform what you
[16:07] your areas are focused on i know
[16:09] oswald was talking a little bit about
[16:10] some social elements was there anything
[16:12] that you kind of
[16:13] really channeled through that kind of
[16:14] overall vision for for what to do for
[16:16] divination
[16:18] well it's um as oscar mentioned we
[16:21] wanted to have something more social
[16:23] but we also wanted the skill to be more
[16:25] afk so we decided to combine both of
[16:28] them
[16:29] so i when you are siphoning a spring or
[16:32] in current game release
[16:33] if i enhanced spring appears
[16:36] if you sacrifice a memory to it it will
[16:40] last longer
[16:41] now that makes that mechanic
[16:44] slightly changed now works for every
[16:46] single spring
[16:48] so it will start at a a minute long
[16:51] duration
[16:52] and then each person that goes and uh
[16:56] active well clicks in the spring you're
[16:57] working on when i
[16:59] further extend it by 15 seconds
[17:03] should we jump that into a game actually
[17:05] just uh production if you want to jump
[17:06] us into the game and we can show that i
[17:08] think
[17:09] well i only have one accounting game at
[17:10] the moment so that's gonna be a bit yeah
[17:12] of course yeah yeah
[17:13] but at least you know you can talk to it
[17:14] whilst we're showing
[17:16] of course of course um so can you see i
[17:19] don't know if you can see or not
[17:20] yeah we can see yep yep perfect so
[17:24] when you start harvesting you'll see
[17:25] this could be a a progress bar above the
[17:27] wisp now
[17:29] that's gonna that shows with the
[17:32] duration remaining on the wisp
[17:34] so you can always go to the one that's
[17:36] the highest amount
[17:40] um oh it's gone sorry
[17:44] and yeah click misclick happens but yeah
[17:47] if a person interacts with it or if they
[17:49] have uh
[17:50] the skilling uh they want their skilling
[17:53] kit from divination or
[17:55] it's a perk from graphics or memories
[17:59] really excited by another 30 minutes
[18:01] so for the seconds so you can get up to
[18:04] almost three minutes time on a fountain
[18:08] before you have to click a new one and
[18:11] it's a
[18:12] am i writing remembering as well there's
[18:13] a new base minimum time limit as well
[18:16] right like it's
[18:16] was it 60 seconds as well
[18:20] is that that's to bring a bit of
[18:22] consistency right because you were
[18:23] talking a lot about
[18:25] sorry afk's other right
[18:28] yeah before we had consistency but i was
[18:31] only with rewards you had to
[18:34] achieve and get to then it became
[18:36] consistent
[18:37] before then it was just a random number
[18:39] here you go
[18:40] it'll be a short or long one you don't
[18:42] know
[18:43] which help with the awkwardness of how
[18:45] afk this skill was
[18:48] but now it's gonna it's gonna be
[18:49] consistent and instead of
[18:51] having a random reward you wanna just
[18:52] add on top of the duration of it
[18:57] we've reworked a lot we reworked how you
[19:00] get
[19:01] memories as well so you can now
[19:04] boost your chances considerably on how
[19:08] many uh
[19:09] enriched memories you get so like
[19:12] encrypting your aura the outfit will
[19:14] help you
[19:16] uh various like using chambers will give
[19:19] you more boosts
[19:20] and if you manage to go above a hundred
[19:23] percent chance of getting enriched
[19:25] memories
[19:26] the the remaining after 100 percent
[19:30] will be a chance of getting an extra
[19:32] memory on top of that
[19:34] so if you manage to achieve 300
[19:38] enriched memory chance which is possible
[19:40] i think
[19:41] you will get three energies or memories
[19:45] per
[19:45] siphon so you can
[19:49] it's quite more fk and but you might
[19:52] get more memories for it and there's
[19:54] more energy as well
[19:56] um we have reduced the amount of
[20:00] floating about because there was
[20:01] a lot of them but we have also moved
[20:04] them
[20:05] from i think this spawn spawn over here
[20:07] normally
[20:08] so now now center down around the crater
[20:11] instead of
[20:12] a distance away from it this is applied
[20:14] to all of the
[20:16] craters as well so it's gonna be a lot
[20:18] shorter distance to
[20:20] run to help with the social aspect
[20:24] each crater now has a a mini event to it
[20:29] where instead of sacrificing your
[20:32] chronicles
[20:34] to the gothic shrine or may we even
[20:37] using the up to teleport them
[20:39] you can now offer them at uh a rift
[20:44] if you hit the especially with carrodet
[20:47] and
[20:48] um also something is called um dinosaur
[20:52] once you hit the required number the
[20:55] crater will release a
[20:57] a wave of energy which will buffer you
[21:00] in your divination
[21:01] against you get more experience higher
[21:04] base
[21:05] energy gain and uh
[21:09] it will also include how much memories
[21:11] you get
[21:12] so it's an all-around nice buff so if
[21:14] you and you also get an enriched wisp as
[21:16] well don't you
[21:17] that's the new enriched delivery
[21:19] mechanism as well right
[21:20] yes and this is i mean that sounds like
[21:23] a delivery mechanism
[21:24] yeah they will never spawn randomly they
[21:27] will now spawn each time the rift is
[21:30] activated or overflows so if there are a
[21:33] lot of people in the world
[21:35] continuously overflowing it they're
[21:37] going to spawn at a much faster rate
[21:38] than them
[21:40] where before and if you have a massive
[21:42] stock of chronicle fragments
[21:44] you can just keep on going for forever
[21:47] it's going to kind of that core hunting
[21:48] feel
[21:49] at an actual rift which is kind of cool
[21:51] for me and
[21:52] that well that's why i just want to come
[21:53] to you quickly just go any further so
[21:55] like this is part of that social element
[21:56] this applies to everybody right like
[21:58] everyone in the area
[21:59] will benefit who's around that well it's
[22:01] not an individual buff right
[22:03] yes uh where if some if one person
[22:06] activates
[22:06] everyone in a large area around the
[22:09] crater will get the buff as well
[22:11] so yes it's very communal very like you
[22:13] said it's like it's like a microcosm
[22:14] version of characters of course
[22:17] yeah oh yeah yeah
[22:21] so yeah it's it's not uh too completely
[22:24] uh
[22:25] means but yeah it's to help with the
[22:27] more social activity of it
[22:29] [Applause]
[22:32] we have also tried to add more things to
[22:35] transportation it's uh
[22:37] it's been left a bit in dust so we've
[22:38] added more
[22:40] tears to it so you can now make up to
[22:43] light on the mica for example and dark
[22:44] in america
[22:45] with a different transportation
[22:48] also all the way up to rocktails for
[22:50] both fishing and
[22:52] also been reworked then um we've also
[22:56] done a small change to uh porters
[23:00] so i'm excited about
[23:04] yeah quarter rank 6 is now a level 94
[23:06] requirement down from 99
[23:09] and we now require luminous energy
[23:11] instead of incandescent
[23:13] and to replace it at the level 99 tier
[23:16] we have
[23:18] tier 7 of our porter which is included
[23:21] energy in our dragonstone necklace
[23:23] and this is 50 50 charges isn't it per
[23:26] one
[23:27] you will get 50 ported charges per
[23:30] uh new porter i'm very sad i got
[23:34] 120 archaeology before this update
[23:37] so it would have been very welcome it
[23:39] always happens
[23:40] yeah so yeah and i just there was a lot
[23:44] of panic earlier in in the chat but
[23:46] there is no 120 divination just to make
[23:48] that
[23:49] clear so well this is a core loop
[23:53] update right like like you're going back
[23:54] to saying and
[23:56] essentially if i'm understanding things
[23:58] right you know we're trying to go back
[24:00] and kind of refine that core loop
[24:02] and also make it more you know afk
[24:06] really making a true afk skill now right
[24:08] like it should be very afk friendly
[24:10] compared to where it was in terms of
[24:12] it it's not sitting in that middle
[24:13] ground anymore and that has that
[24:14] difference yeah it's
[24:15] it's only an awkward ground off either
[24:17] i'm really 17 seconds afk
[24:19] or i might get lucky get my 33 seconds
[24:22] okay
[24:23] now it's a guaranteed 160 seconds
[24:26] and if you on a more popular world you
[24:29] will be able to get
[24:30] a lot higher numbers
[24:35] uh shogun do you have the information
[24:37] about the other changes coming to things
[24:38] like the fading memories
[24:40] uh elite divination outfit divination
[24:41] skill cape jeff in front of you or do
[24:43] you need me to
[24:44] i i do not have it in front of me but
[24:46] we've most of the changes are related to
[24:48] the uh acquiring of
[24:51] uh incandescent memories of boosting the
[24:55] rate you get the enriched memories
[24:58] so the more you have the better it's
[24:59] going to be for you uh i don't have the
[25:01] list on top of me at the moment so
[25:03] if you can do it it'll be lovely yeah
[25:06] sure so uh
[25:07] the divination scale cables we talked
[25:09] about earlier that will boost the
[25:10] springs minimum duration by 30 seconds
[25:13] once per time per spring this is also
[25:15] shared with ethereal connection which is
[25:17] the
[25:17] buff that sugar was mentioning around
[25:19] the world gate
[25:20] um the fading memory uh retains all its
[25:23] current effects
[25:25] by the duration increase fading memory
[25:27] now instead provides a 20
[25:29] crit chance and the crit chances related
[25:31] to what you were talking about with the
[25:33] uh
[25:33] the kind of the chance that can kind of
[25:35] we can you can over crit and potentially
[25:37] get
[25:37] two enriched memories thanks to your
[25:39] over crit right like one guaranteed one
[25:41] and then one second roll for
[25:43] you know one to fifty percent on that um
[25:46] chronicle absorption uh instead of
[25:49] absorbing
[25:49] uh the chronicle fragment the prayer
[25:51] will now automatically pick up a
[25:52] chronicle and provide an enriched
[25:54] chronicle
[25:54] i don't know if we actually discussed
[25:55] that um properly in detail
[25:57] shogun around the mechanics of the quick
[25:59] pick up now on the chronicle
[26:01] it doesn't move right yes so when a
[26:04] chronicle spawns
[26:05] um if you click it fast enough you will
[26:08] get an enhanced chronicle fragment
[26:11] which is worth more experience and when
[26:14] you hand it in to a
[26:16] a rift it will account for twice the
[26:19] progression towards an
[26:20] airflow compared to a normal uh fragment
[26:24] so you and it won't move anymore right
[26:26] it just sticks next to you now
[26:27] in terms of moving around yes yeah
[26:32] so you're not uh
[26:35] so yeah spirit attraction will also do
[26:36] the same thing i just mentioned as well
[26:38] uh the elite divination outfit has a
[26:40] five percent chance of granting a
[26:42] hundred percent crit chance
[26:44] uh the ethereal connection does what we
[26:46] talked about earlier and then abyssal
[26:48] transit
[26:48] uh chronicles can no longer be offered
[26:50] from your inventory but
[26:52] uh it doubles the progress towards
[26:53] overloaded energy riffs uh when dropping
[26:55] off fragments that's the event we talked
[26:57] about
[26:57] um so uh you know various things
[26:59] contribute different amounts of progress
[27:02] and all that sort of stuff by the way if
[27:04] you have questions please drop them in
[27:05] we've got people grabbing questions from
[27:07] the chat for us so we'll get through
[27:08] those anymore
[27:09] um i think that's most of the changes
[27:12] right i think is
[27:14] that covers we talked about over chris
[27:17] we talked about and i
[27:20] models where i'm gonna go to you what do
[27:21] you feel like these changes encompass
[27:24] for you like
[27:24] what do you think ultimately the end
[27:26] result will be as an experience for
[27:27] players
[27:30] well i mean i'm hoping that i mean first
[27:32] of all it's
[27:33] it's kind of a tentative toe into
[27:34] divination we're under no illusions that
[27:36] this you know this isn't
[27:37] a massive skill rework by any means but
[27:40] we're just seeing if um
[27:42] if this is the right start for
[27:43] divination just to kind of inject a bit
[27:45] more value
[27:46] inject a bit more kind of a bit more i
[27:49] don't know
[27:50] less frustration i guess like iron out
[27:52] those kinks of frustration a little bit
[27:53] you come across
[27:54] with chronicles with memories um and and
[27:57] what i'm just hoping is that um
[28:01] that that then leads to a bit more of a
[28:03] change in how people engage with
[28:05] divination so that we can feel a bit
[28:06] more confident in doing stuff with it
[28:08] i still feel like divination for me is
[28:09] um it's a bit of an orphan skill
[28:12] kind of thematically we haven't it
[28:14] doesn't feel as um
[28:15] integrated into the game as a lot of the
[28:16] other skills do but if we start getting
[28:19] people playing it
[28:19] valuing it then maybe we can do a little
[28:21] bit more um
[28:23] but it's also from a kind of a larger
[28:24] design perspective
[28:26] uh the idea of just hitting tactically
[28:28] skills like
[28:29] maybe kind of five or six times in a
[28:31] given year that feels really healthy to
[28:33] me for a game that's about to you know
[28:35] bring in new players where i can have
[28:36] people start
[28:37] kind of coming into the skills people
[28:40] are you know
[28:40] high-level players start to get bored of
[28:42] the skills they've got at the moment you
[28:44] know
[28:45] before the next new skill is just to
[28:46] reinvigorate them a little bit
[28:48] like this might be a better long-term
[28:49] plan than just sitting on
[28:52] a construction rework for the best part
[28:53] of four or five years you know it's
[28:55] it's probably a better plan than that so
[28:57] i'm hopeful for it
[28:59] um but also very aware that it's not a
[29:01] mass overhaul
[29:02] and i don't want people to think that we
[29:03] think it is
[29:06] cool okay some questions from the
[29:08] community coming in uh
[29:10] i i think you kind of just touched on
[29:12] this but um are we getting any more
[29:14] high-end divination activities
[29:19] um i'll take that one not not at the
[29:21] moment no there's
[29:22] um our lives our lives are old god wars
[29:25] dungeon at the moment
[29:26] um and other god wars in general
[29:29] yeah well just yeah yeah this is true
[29:31] you're the epicenter of a giant war
[29:34] there's huge amounts going on so in
[29:36] terms of kind of active development on
[29:38] anything
[29:38] outside of that bubble there's actually
[29:41] you know there's only a few things and
[29:43] um divination isn't one of them um
[29:46] sorry i was gonna i was gonna say we are
[29:49] still looking at a lot of skilling
[29:50] within
[29:50] um the god wars dungeons so keep keep
[29:53] that's going to be very exciting
[29:54] um but that's that's there's a tidbit
[29:57] for your stream
[29:58] oh you're getting some juicy into on
[30:00] this one
[30:02] um yeah uh
[30:05] will there be ways to make more money
[30:07] with divination as a result of this
[30:08] update do you think
[30:10] um there won't be more ways but
[30:14] gaining energy will become easier now at
[30:17] least
[30:18] so and also you will now be using energy
[30:20] for both divination
[30:22] charges for invention and for the new
[30:25] porter
[30:27] they're going to be in high demand for
[30:28] energies at least so
[30:30] but that's the only thing that really
[30:32] changes the way you acquire energy and
[30:34] the way
[30:34] you use energy so
[30:38] can lead to money-making reporters are
[30:40] not tradable so
[30:43] well i mean resources gained yes
[30:48] um is there going to be a new do so
[30:50] shall we key asked
[30:51] do you think this is going to generate a
[30:53] new meta or is the hall of memory still
[30:55] the fastest xp compared to this
[30:57] this kind of core skilling loop it's
[31:00] going to
[31:00] make the current domination a lot more
[31:05] uh in line with that two ticking
[31:08] hollow memories uh i still think hall of
[31:11] famers will be
[31:12] faster so the meta won't change in that
[31:15] way
[31:15] but the creator will now be both
[31:18] money and worth far more xp as well
[31:25] sorry i was just going to say very
[31:27] quickly that um obviously the way that
[31:28] we're kind of
[31:29] we've pulled room crafting up so that
[31:31] room pass and recruit
[31:32] crafting feel it's kind of semi-viable
[31:34] as a pairing that's kind of where we
[31:36] want to end up with skills
[31:38] um is to have that kind of
[31:41] dependent on um what you value about the
[31:43] balancing triangle
[31:44] you know produce or what have you
[31:46] there's something for you
[31:48] um i think we already covered this but
[31:50] uh king nab is asking what is the new
[31:52] divination cape uh perk then
[31:55] uh if you interact with a spring you
[31:58] will add 30 seconds to
[32:00] the duration of it unless someone else
[32:02] hasn't already done it but it's a
[32:04] one-time increase
[32:05] to the spring and uh it's shared with uh
[32:08] all our memories perks one the
[32:11] difference do the same thing
[32:14] uh miss liz is asking what about
[32:15] diplomatics
[32:17] um they should be unchanged or maybe
[32:20] slightly faster due to the amount of
[32:22] enemies and memories coming into in your
[32:25] inventory
[32:26] so but they should remain the same kind
[32:28] of core loops and that's where
[32:29] beforehand
[32:31] awesome uh was where rs is asking will
[32:34] there be a divination training world in
[32:36] the world select
[32:38] i think the intention is that to find
[32:41] one but uh
[32:43] it's a good idea yeah it's nice to see
[32:47] what we want to see though as well right
[32:49] like people already thinking about
[32:51] i should be playing with other people
[32:52] doing the same thing because it benefits
[32:54] everybody it's kind of what you want to
[32:56] use already
[32:58] there you go there you go or 79
[33:03] cool uh uh any changes to cursed energy
[33:08] um they're gonna have the same gathering
[33:11] mechanics as uh
[33:14] all other divination but uh
[33:17] the location is gonna be the same and
[33:19] the way you get skull is gonna remain
[33:20] the same as well
[33:23] so and i haven't removed those energy
[33:25] still remain the same distance as well
[33:27] so
[33:29] so uh bowel sash is asking um what do
[33:31] you feel this does to help motivate you
[33:33] to train past
[33:34] 80 well
[33:37] now you're going to get more benefit out
[33:38] of hopefully donation lease is going to
[33:40] be
[33:43] it's not going to be on you you want to
[33:45] get the port obviously it's the
[33:46] untradable you have to get to the level
[33:48] to use them
[33:50] um going to be a more of a
[33:53] bearable skill to do as well so it's not
[33:55] going to be
[33:56] a continuous annoyance to
[34:00] click out and click in uh hopefully at
[34:02] least
[34:03] uh but um yeah we have there's more
[34:08] yeah sorry i was just gonna say we
[34:09] haven't we did um
[34:11] we worked through a number of ideas for
[34:13] maybe some more killer apps um towards
[34:15] the top end of divination we've got a
[34:16] kind of a backlog of things that we
[34:17] could look at
[34:18] um so it's not the end of
[34:21] the story in terms of top end rewards
[34:23] for divination but we've just slotted in
[34:25] some in the
[34:26] current categories i think we're what
[34:28] what we were looking at was um it was
[34:30] starting to get more knotty and complex
[34:31] when we're looking at new categories of
[34:33] thing
[34:33] so we've decided to stay within the
[34:34] categories we've got but we've got some
[34:36] things on the back burner that we could
[34:37] do in the future
[34:39] i think it's really interesting as well
[34:40] because correct me for wrong but it's
[34:42] been quite a while since we've done this
[34:43] sort of kind of like
[34:45] core loop skill update that's maybe a
[34:47] little bit more focused in what it's
[34:48] trying to achieve
[34:49] you know which we're not trying to do a
[34:50] complete overhaul or something to the
[34:52] same level as
[34:53] mining smithing but we're trying to do
[34:54] something that's impactful to the
[34:56] experience of it
[34:57] is there something like to my knowledge
[34:58] we haven't done that for quite some time
[35:00] right is this
[35:00] a bit of a learning thing for us as we
[35:03] go through this monthly cadence of
[35:05] content and and kind of try these all
[35:07] these different varieties of releases
[35:09] yeah i mean going back quite a little
[35:11] ways um remastering was always intended
[35:13] to do something like this
[35:15] that actually you could go a long way by
[35:17] um
[35:19] basically the theory behind remastered i
[35:21] still love i would love to do more of
[35:22] and this is why we're doing this
[35:23] is you don't have to keep on patching on
[35:26] the new
[35:27] on top of everything because what is old
[35:29] still remains and what remains is legacy
[35:32] irrelevant uh naughty unimproved all of
[35:35] these things
[35:36] that actually what we should be doing as
[35:38] good curators of our world is
[35:40] um is looking at the old stuff and just
[35:42] juicing it up a bit by invigorating it
[35:45] um so yeah obviously things like
[35:48] construction contracts was pasting on
[35:49] the new because we didn't have the time
[35:51] to do a mass overhaul but when it comes
[35:53] to divination i think that
[35:54] that remastery approach is really good
[35:57] and we can do that with other things we
[35:58] were talking about managing
[35:59] miscellaneous doing something similar
[36:01] a little while ago fight caves we had
[36:02] all of these things on the slave
[36:04] i think this is another little kind of
[36:06] it really suits our determination to
[36:08] produce
[36:08] updates regularly as well and of a wide
[36:11] variety
[36:13] um so you know we're all in lockdown or
[36:16] we're all hungry for things to do
[36:18] and um i think this kind of update
[36:21] really helps just kind of
[36:22] divert my attention for a given week
[36:26] cool uh and then uh i've got a question
[36:28] here um how will these increased rates
[36:30] affect divine charges
[36:32] i think we know the answer to that well
[36:34] it's gonna
[36:36] increase the amount of energy coming
[36:37] into the game so
[36:40] i i can't really say i will affect it
[36:41] but uh
[36:44] maybe we'll go down i don't really it
[36:46] depends on people
[36:47] doing as well right so yeah
[36:50] uh there's a question here i i just to
[36:53] ask people are we looking to any other
[36:55] skills right now i know
[36:56] um models will mention some that we'd
[36:59] love to touch
[37:00] you know us we don't talk about things
[37:01] too far in advance
[37:03] we wait until the time is right so i'm
[37:04] going to be the unfortunate blocker here
[37:06] and be like
[37:07] i i see the questions in chat but that's
[37:09] unfortunately not one that we we haven't
[37:11] answered for you today i don't know if
[37:12] you want to say anything
[37:13] non-revealing what was one no i mean i
[37:16] know it might be
[37:17] must be frustrating if like your world
[37:19] view is but the skills are
[37:20] really really need an improvement and
[37:22] regularly um but if you think that um
[37:25] we are very much focused on bringing
[37:28] overhauling the stuff that isn't good in
[37:29] our game
[37:31] and it's not just skills so you're
[37:32] looking at the avatar you're looking at
[37:34] the opening game experience
[37:36] um we have other things that we're
[37:38] looking to integrate and
[37:39] our game is just so big that doing seven
[37:42] or eight skill reworks in a given year
[37:43] just isn't viable so
[37:44] we're picking our battles but um i think
[37:46] divination is a really good one because
[37:48] we can do it
[37:49] you know to use the horrible management
[37:51] speaker it's a bit of a low hanging
[37:52] fruit we can do a lot with a little
[37:54] it just needed that kick up the back
[37:55] side um so that's
[37:57] yeah that's what we're doing cool
[38:00] uh ethereum asks will the enrichment
[38:02] aura change
[38:04] uh it will now give mo we give credit
[38:08] uh to uh getting enrichment uh rich
[38:11] memory so
[38:12] two hour long buff of uh getting more
[38:15] energy memories oh interesting
[38:18] cool all right that has all the
[38:20] questions i have on here
[38:22] uh so i guess there is nothing left to
[38:24] say except
[38:25] to confirm the release date and it will
[38:27] be releasing next
[38:28] tuesday so maybach holiday here so
[38:32] that's why it's a tuesday i know it's
[38:33] weird but next tuesday
[38:35] uh this update will be dropping and
[38:36] that's just just a day into double xp
[38:39] live so if you are looking to get stuck
[38:42] in with this you've been
[38:43] looking for an excuse to get that level
[38:45] one or that level 80 up a little bit
[38:47] there's been no better time because
[38:48] we're dropping it right at the start of
[38:50] double xp
[38:50] just a little late but uh right start
[38:52] double xp so
[38:54] um yeah just keep an eye out for it
[38:55] double xp live will start on monday
[38:57] at the usual time and then the game
[38:59] update will drop on the tuesday
[39:01] i bring this update um and if you're
[39:03] interested uh both myself and mod spear
[39:05] are gonna have a little skill and chill
[39:07] uh i'm gonna be trying divination he's
[39:09] not he's already got his 99 but
[39:11] i'm gonna be training some some
[39:12] divination and checking this new uh
[39:14] weight skill out and
[39:15] amidst double asp so hopefully you'll
[39:17] join us for that um
[39:18] what else we'll show again anything you
[39:20] want to say about the update before we
[39:21] sign out
[39:22] all right let's saw some questions i'm
[39:24] talking about prison dowsing just wanna
[39:26] make sure that it will bother you
[39:27] getting more enriched memories
[39:29] so i put some dousing at the locations
[39:32] we'll
[39:33] have everyone around you as well so
[39:35] handy to have
[39:37] awesome uh we will also be
[39:40] following up with the news post pretty
[39:42] soon uh should be up within the day or
[39:44] so we're just uh it's just going through
[39:45] localization
[39:46] uh team's been amazing uh kind of
[39:48] helping us put that together it's a big
[39:49] old one
[39:50] um so we'll have something out coming
[39:52] out hopefully soon uh that will give you
[39:54] all of this in real extreme details so
[39:55] if you're trying to get into every
[39:56] little detail of the update
[39:57] uh it hopefully does it justice and
[39:59] covers all the various aspects it's long
[40:02] there's a lot that's gone into this uh
[40:04] into into this work so
[40:05] hopefully it'll give you a good
[40:06] breakdown otherwise that's it from us
[40:09] today
[40:09] thank you so much for watching thank you
[40:11] mod osborne mod show again for showing
[40:12] us
[40:13] a little bit of what to expect this
[40:14] update uh we'll be back tomorrow where
[40:17] uh myself mod raven and mod jack will
[40:19] continue playing through as an address
[40:21] quest
[40:21] part one of 20 at the pace we're going
[40:24] uh and you can enjoy our bad voice
[40:25] acting along the way too
[40:27] but until then see you scoobscapers
[40:29] thank you so much for watching
[40:30] take care thank you bye
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