Dialogue for Master chef

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  • Master chef: Welcome, newcomer. I am the master chef, Lev. I will teach you how to cook food truly fit for a king.
  • Player: I already know how to cook. Brynna just taught me.
  • Master chef: Ha! You call THAT cooking? You're much more likely to burn your food if you cook on a log fire out in the open. You should cook at a range whenever you can. Now, I am going to teach you the fine art of baking bread.
  • The master chef gives you an empty bucket and a pot of flour!
  • Master chef: Fill the bucket with water from the sink, then use it to wet the flour into dough. Then bake the dough into bread on my range.
  • After baking
  • Master chef: Ah, there's nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread. Be sure to carry a little food with you on your adventures. If you're injured in combat, eating is the best way to feel better. There are all sorts of food you can cook with the right ingredients and a high enough Cooking skill. Pies, cake, stews. You can even churn cream and butter or brew your own mead! You'll be a master chef before you know it. Now off to the next area with you!
  • After opening the door
  • Master chef: Follow the path to the home of the quest guide.