Dialogue for Martin the Master Gardener

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    • Skillcape of Farming.
      • (If the player hasn't reached level 99 Farming:)
        • Player: What is that cape that you're wearing?
        • Martin the Master Gardener: This is a Skillcape of Farming, isn't it incredible? It's a symbol of my ability as the finest farmer in the land!
      • (If the player has reached level 99 Farming:)
        • Martin the Master Gardener: Of course, fellow farmer. That'll be 99,000 coins.
        • Choose an option:
          • 99,000 coins? That's much too expensive.
            • Martin the Master Gardener: Not at all; there are many other adventurers who would love the opportunity to purchase such a prestigious item! You can find me here if you change your mind.
          • I think I have the money right here, actually.
            • (If the player is carrying 99,000 coins or more:)
              • Martin the Master Gardener: Excellent! Wear that cape with pride my friend.
            • (Otherwise:)
              • Player: But, unfortunately, I was mistaken.
              • Martin the Master Gardener: Well, come back and see me when you do.
          • (If the player has reached level 120 Farming:)
            • I've mastered this skill. Is there anything else?
              • Martin the Master Gardener: There is something...though I have kept it a secret for a very long time. It is something that can only be worn by a true master.
              • Martin the Master Gardener: Not even I can wear it - that's how hard it is to achieve.
              • Martin the Master Gardener: You say you're a master. Stand straight, let me take a look at you.
              • Martin the Master Gardener: You...really have mastered it. What an honour! It would be my pleaseure to sell you a Farming master cape.
              • BUY FARMING MASTER CAPE FOR 120,000 COINS?
                • Yes.
                  • You purchase the Farming master cape and some music plays.
                • No.
                  • (Dialogue ends)
    • (If the player has not started the Fairy Tale quests:)
      • General Chat.
        • Martin the Master Gardener: I can't chat now, I have too many things to worry about.
    • (If the player has completed Fairy Tale III:)
      • Talk about farming problems and fairies.
        • Player: Hey, how's it going?
        • Martin the Master Gardener: Good, thanks. I'm getting some bumper harvests from the patches now, so thanks for your help.
        • Martin the Master Gardener: As a way of saying thanks, I've had a chat with all the patch farmers...and they'd be happy to keep your patches weed free for you from now on, if you like. Just have a word with one of them.
        • Player: Oh, that's great, thanks!
    • (If the player has completed Bringing Home the Bacon:)
      • Bringing Home the Bacon.
        • Player: Can I rename that pig I got from you?
        • Pig Name Selection opens
    • The behemoth pig.
      • Player: One adult please.
      • Martin the Master Gardener: ...that's no ride, that's Pigzilla!
      • Player: Aww but I wanna ride it.
      • Martin the Master Gardener: No.
      • Player: ...
      • Martin the Master Gardener: You can wrestle it if you want thought.
      • Player: Pig wrestling? That's for kids. I think I'll pass.