Transcript of Mark Gerhard Live Stream announced!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] I've always said that community feedback is hugely
important to us
[00:06] and has always played a really big part in forming
what we do in the game next
[00:09] and i expect probably also, what makes this game
so special.
[00:13] I've spent countless hours talking to many of you in game
and on our forums both as a player and as a CEO
[00:20] hearing it from both perspectives if you will.
You know, I truly love to hear about the things you hate,
[00:26] the things you love, the ideas you have for the game
going forward and other suggestions.
[00:31] Please join Daniel Clough, the Vice President of RuneScape
and I
[00:34] on Sunday night, 9pm, the 9th of September
 to take you questions in a live video Q&A.