Dialogue for Mark Brodie

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mark Brodie and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When talking to Mark Brodie in the Varrock Museum basement.

  • Select an option
    • Who are you?
      • Mark brodie: Name's Mark, mate. Mark Brodie. I'm the new apprentice 'ere at the museum. 'Course, they wouldn't have had space for me if Orlando hadn't... well, y'know. You were there.
      • Player: Yes. It was a terrible loss.
      • Mark brodie: 'E was a great friend o' mine, let me tell you. A great chap. Not for nothin' though, not for nothin'. Can't say he didn't make the greatest discovery of the age, eh? E'll be remembered.
      • Select an option
        • I'd like to talk about the museum.
          • If the player has completed all of the display cases but hasn't claimed the reward yet:
            • Mark brodie: How're the display cases coming along?
            • Player: All done. I've corrected the mistakes.
            • Mark brodie: Beaut' mate! That's the best news I've had all day.
            • Player: Glad I could help.
            • Mark brodie: Right, I'll have a chat to me boss over there and let him know you've helped me out. You know, with all this new information you've absorbed, I reckon you can say you're more experienced in Slaying and Hunting now.
            • Player receives 1 000XP in Slayer and Hunter
            • Player: Oh, thank you very much.
            • Mark brodie: No worries, mate. You take care now.
            • Player: Goodbye.
          • If the player has completed all of the display cases and has already claimed all the rewards:
            • Mark brodie: Thanks for all your help, mate. Hope you enjoy the museum!
        • That's all, thanks.
          • (Dialogue ends)
    • I'd like to talk about the museum.
      • (Same as above)