Transcript of March - RuneScape's Month Ahead

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] after a pretty darn enjoyable games damn
[00:13] over the double xp weekend we focus
[00:15] marches updates on the stuff that was
[00:16] dreamed up over that period a common
[00:18] thread is that they're all updates the
[00:20] things you play and enjoy every day
[00:22] let's start with a big rework to luck in
[00:25] the game no longer will the ring of
[00:27] wealth or like potions be your only way
[00:29] to modify how lucky you are in the game
[00:30] we're adding three new rings that can
[00:33] affect bosses clues scrolls and some
[00:35] skilling activities with the top tearing
[00:36] involving level 107 invention and a new
[00:39] gem alchemical onyx to create more
[00:42] bosses have been added to the list of
[00:44] things that lock and effect so you've
[00:45] got raids and battles against foes like
[00:47] tell us they can be more lucrative than
[00:49] ever before but also get increased
[00:51] chances to get those really desirable
[00:53] items when solving clues Scrolls
[00:54] increase chances to get a whole bunch of
[00:56] other things across the game including
[00:58] sera necklace symbols black ibis and
[01:00] more the Ark is set for some
[01:02] improvements - with extra features four
[01:04] layer crab le'ts and the art journal
[01:05] along side the all-important addition of
[01:07] new rewards like the high armor of honto
[01:09] and it's related weapons we're also
[01:12] making some changes to our main game
[01:13] screen splitting out buffs and debuffs
[01:14] they can be more easily managed you can
[01:17] see exactly what's affecting your play
[01:19] as you take on the challenges of the
[01:20] world we've taken your comments on board
[01:22] and added more buffer diva phi cons I'd
[01:25] read nip timers stun immunity and
[01:26] Excalibur cooldowns and I did more buff
[01:28] icons to peer on NPC health bars for
[01:30] even clearer feedback and there's
[01:32] improvements for the pet interfaces -
[01:34] adding some of your favorite inventory
[01:35] based pets so you no longer need to go
[01:37] back to your bank to access them and
[01:39] we're also making five more skilling
[01:42] outfits available outside of treasure
[01:44] hunter a very useful range of gear that
[01:46] adds xp gains to a range of different
[01:47] skills so if you've got quite a few
[01:50] pieces you haven't quite managed to find
[01:51] yet you'll be able to by playing a range
[01:53] of different in-game activities so look
[01:55] out for divination cooking summoning and
[01:57] prayer outfit opportunities
[01:59] and final skinning outfit which will be
[02:01] available in game is a special one the
[02:03] elite fishing outfit this is similar to
[02:05] the gemstone Gollum and Runa Theron
[02:07] outfits already in the game you'll need
[02:09] to find its fragments using the fishing
[02:10] skill and a piece them all together with
[02:12] an invention blueprint eventually
[02:14] leading to the elite fury shark outfit
[02:16] the ultimate in fishing attire and for
[02:19] those of you still waiting for the
[02:20] perfect name for your character you
[02:22] might well get lucky this month as we
[02:23] release another batch of old Forgotten
[02:25] player names back into the mix and in
[02:28] other news the twin Furies are sending
[02:29] their agents back to Gillen Ott's brings
[02:31] a miracie and defectors dual justice
[02:33] check out the event shop and in-game
[02:35] skinning opportunities for zamorak Ian's
[02:37] emblems tradeable for some fierce
[02:39] cosmetic outfits and finally that nasty
[02:41] old crater to the west of Lumbridge has
[02:43] finally been with claimed by forces of
[02:44] nature with lush plant life for raising
[02:47] the battle scars of the past and yes the
[02:49] duck pond is back woohoo
[02:50] so have fun with that look the games
[02:52] don't really produce some great ideas
[02:53] thanks so much for getting involved we
[02:55] really couldn't have done it without you
[02:57] what this means is the rest of the
[02:58] development team could focus on the big
[03:00] updates coming up in the next few months
[03:01] updates like shattered worlds Menna
[03:04] fonts and the new achievement system
[03:05] they're really looking great can't wait
[03:07] to see them in-game trust us they're
[03:09] going to be belters