Dialogue for Manni the Reveller

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This transcript involves dialogue with Manni the Reveller and the player.

Before The Fremennik Trials[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Manni the Reveller: Do not think me rude outerlander, but our customs forbid me talking to you. All contact with outerlanders must be vetted by our chieftain, Brundt.
  • Player: Where is this Brundt?
  • Manni the Reveller: He is standing just over there. He will speak for the tribe.

After The Fremennik Trials[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello!
  • Manni the Reveller: Hey! It's [Fremennik name]! Let me buy you a drink.
  • Player receives beer.
  • Before Glorious Memories, if the player does not meet the requirements:
    • Manni the Reveller: Listen, I need help with something very hush-hush. Thing is, I was hoping for someone a bit more, you-know, heroic.
  • After Glorious Memories:
    • Manni the Reveller: There you go! Anyone who organises feasts and drinks like you earns my respect!