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This transcript involves dialogue with Mandrith and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an option:
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Mandrith: Why, I'm Mandrith! Inspiration to combatants both mighty and puny!
      • Player: Okay...fair enough.
      • Select an option
        • What do you do here?
          • Player: What do you do here?
          • Mandrith: I am here to collect ancient artefacts acquired by adventurers in return for some well-deserved money.
          • Select an option
            • What ancient artefacts?
              • Player: What ancient artefacts?
              • Mandrith: Haha! I can tell you are new to these parts. As the blood of warriors is spilled on the ground, as it once was during the God Wars, relics of that age feel the call of battle and are drawn into the rays of sun once more. If you happen to come across any of these ancient items, bring them to me or my brother Nastroth in Lumbridge, and we will pay you a fair price for them. We don't accept them noted though, so remember that. Also we don't want to buy any weapons or armour.
              • Select an option
                • You have a brother?
                  • Player: You have a brother?
                  • Mandrith: Yes, why else would I have referred to him as such?
                  • Player: You make a good point.
                  • (Shows other options)
                • Why won't you buy weapons or armour?
                  • Player: Why won't you buy weapons or armour?
                  • Mandrith: They should be used as they were meant to be used, and not traded in for money.
                  • (Shows other options)
                • That sounds great. Goodbye.
            • That sounds great. Goodbye.
              • Player: That sounds great. Goodbye.
        • Erm, what's with the outfit?
          • Player: Erm, what's with the outfit?
          • Mandrith: You like not my kingly robes? They were my father's, and his father's before him, and his father's before him, and his father's before him, and-
          • Player: Okay! Okay! I get the picture.
        • I have to go now.
          • Player: I have to go now.
    • Slayer Bounty & Deathmatch
    • Task System
    • Slayer
      • Select an option
        • Can we talk about assignments?
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • Can we talk about items?
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • Let's talk about you.
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • Er...nothing...
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • After Ritual of the Mahjarrat:
      • Did you see what attacked Edgeville?
        • Player: Did you see what attacked Edgeville?
        • Mandrith: I saw well enough, between helping others to safety. But what I saw could not be so. They are just a myth.
        • Player: You saw the dragonkin, didn't you? I can assure you, they're very real.
        • Mandrith: Then hush! Speak not their name, lest they return to finish us off.
    • Oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else.
      • Player: Oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else.
      • Mandrith: I'm not sure how you could confuse ME with anyone!

Claiming the medium Wilderness achievement set rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've completed all the tasks in the medium Wilderness task set.
  • Mandrith: Well done Player, I've kept some rewards aside for you.
  • Player receives two Antique lamp (Medium Wilderness Tasks), Wilderness sword 2.
  • You are given some rewards for completing the medium Wilderness task set!

There you go, looks like that's everything.

If talking to Mandrith with a artefact in the inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Mandrith: Glorious, brave warrior! I see you have found some of the ancient artefacts my brother and I are seeking. You wouldn't be willing to sell them to me?
    • Sure, I can do that.
      • Player: Sure, I can do that.
      • You sold the artefact(s) for x coins.
    • Who are you?
      • (Same as above)
    • No, sorry.
      • Player: No, sorry.

Meg's Cases[edit | edit source]

Only during Meg's Cases:

  • Ask about Meg's cases
    • The first time:
      • Mandrith: Oh, you're here to help. Let's keep this quiet, shall we? You see, this situation is quite embarassing[sic] for someone of my position. I would not like word to spread about my crippling fear of skeletons. I was training within the Edgeville dungeon when th-they appeared.
      • Mandrith appears to shudder.
      • Mandrith: A horde of skeletons appeared and I fled before they could reach me. In my rush to escape the dreaded beasts I left behind my prized ancient statuette.
      • Player: So near skeletons in Edgeville dungeon? That will be enough information. Thank you. I might just bring you a skull along too!
      • Mandrith: Please don't!
    • Before finding the Prized ancient statuette:
      • Mandrith: Have you found my statuette yet?
      • Player: Not yet, I still need to investigate the skeletons.
    • Without the Prized ancient statuette:
      • Mandrith: Have you found my statuette yet?
      • Player: Yes...I should probably bring it with me.
      • Mandrith: Please do.
    • With the Prized ancient statuette:
      • Mandrith: Have you found my statuette yet?
      • Player: Yes, here it is!
      • You hand the statuette back to Mandrith.
      • Mandrith: Oh thank you! I'll make sure never to let this out of my sight again.
        • If you have a skull in inventory
          • Player: And here's the skull I promised.
          • Mandrith lets out a high-pitched squeal and smashes your skull to pieces.

With the CS Week clue[edit | edit source]

  • Mandrith: Well done! You've solved a clue!
  • You're handed a [clue scroll/pair of caskets].