Dialogue for Mami Rimba

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Taking to Mami Rimba[edit | edit source]

  • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh... Ello there, my little friend. You be wanting to get your hands on a bakriminel bolt tip, no? These bolts that cripple mighty mages?
    • Select an option
      • I'd like to trade
        • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh... Excellent choice, my friend! Let Mami Rimba show you what she has.
      • Who are you?
        • Mami Rimba: So, you not be knowing old Mami Rimba then.
        • Mami Rimba: Heh heh... You be sure you ain't heard the stories?
        • Player: What stories?
        • Mami Rimba: Mami Rimba, she be friend of the outcase Papa Mambo. Mami Rimba, she be practicing the forbidden arts.
        • Mami Rimba: Mami Rimba, she kill all her twenty children because them were making a noise at night.
        • Mami Rimba: Mami Rimba, she be a widow of many husbands and each of them died a horrible death.
        • Player: None of those are true, of course.
        • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh heh heh.
        • Mami Rimba: You being so sure of that?
        • Mami Rimba: But stories and rumours do not matter to Mami Rimba; she does not care for such things.
        • Mami Rimba: Mami Rimba, she only care about these trees and them strange magic.
        • (Returns to previous options)
      • What is that tree?
        • Mami Rimba: Ah, this tree... This is a very special tree, my friend. This is a bloodwood tree; a tree born of voilence and death, that feeds on the dark residue of departed souls.
        • Mami Rimba: This tree, it is of darker magic than most wizards dare to know, and its wood is filled with that same sorcery.
        • (Returns to previous options)
      • How do I make the bolts?
        • Mami Rimba: Ah, these bakriminel bolts yes. Cut a bloodwood tree, but do not stray far away from her, for the wood it die if you are not close by. Fletch the wood, if you be of great skill.
        • Mami Rimba: Ah but here is the tricky part. You must be fletching these bolts at the tree herself, else the wood you cut from her will crumble in your hands.
        • Mami Rimba: Only with enchanted bolt tips firmly attached to the bolt shafts, can you be hoping to take the bolts away from the tree.
        • Player: How do I make them?
        • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh. You do not, my friend. That secret be Mami Rimba's and hers alone.
        • Mami Rimba: But do not be sad - Mami Rimba will sell you the enchanted bolt tips she has made. Use these on the bolt shafts and their magic will be complete.
        • Player: So I have to fletch the logs next to the tree and then use your bolt tips on them to complete them? And I need to be by the tree the whole time?
        • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh. Yes, my friend. That is what you must do.
        • Mami Rimba: But remember - these trees grow in places of voilence and bloodshed, and they grow back after much time has passed. Be ready to defend yourself.
        • Mami Rimba: Course, the more blood shed around the tree, the stronger she becomes. If you seek out the more dangerous trees, deep within the Wilderness, you will find that those trees offer more logs than others.
        • (Returns to previous options)
      • What do these bolts do?
        • Mami Rimba: If you cut the bloodwood into shafts you can make cruel weapons that will do more than just injure your foe.
        • Mami Rimba: These bolts will tear into their flesh - their very souls - and will steal allchance of victory from them...if[sic] them be mages, anyway. These trees - them really hate mages.
        • Mami Rimba: So, if they be wearing a mage's armour, they be in trouble. Heh heh heh.
        • (Returns to previous options)

Attempting to chop down the bloodwood tree near Mami Rimba[edit | edit source]

  • Mami Rimba: No, this tree be mine. You cannot slice at her.
  • Mami Rimba: Mami Rimba be having great plans for this tree.

Manor Farm[edit | edit source]

Visiting the Manor Farm for the first time after reaching 225,000 Farming reputation[edit | edit source]

  • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh heh. Come to the farming patches my friend. I have a proposal for you.

Talk to[edit | edit source]

  • Mami Rimba: Do you be feeling that? The power here? That stench of death?
  • Player: No?
  • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh heh. Oh it be here my friend. There be blood here, deep down in this soil.
  • Mami Rimba: Blood enough for me to bring a bloodwood tree to grow here. All you need do is ask.
  • Do you want Mami Rimba to grow a bloodwood tree?
    • Yes, grow a bloodwood tree.
      • Mami Rimba: Eh heh heh heh.
      • The screen fades to black. Afterwards, Mami Rimba disappears and a bloodwood tree has grown in the farming patch.
    • No, not just now.
      • Mami Rimba: As you wish. But if you change your mind, I be here.