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This transcript involves dialogue with Makeover Mage and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Makeover Mage: Hello there! I am known as the Makeover Mage! I have spent many years researching magicks that can change your physical appearance. I call it a 'makeover'. Would you like me to perform my magicks on you?
  • Select an option
    • Tell me more about this 'makeover'.
      • Player: Tell me more about this 'makeover'.
      • Makeover Mage: Why, of course! Basically, and I will explain this so that you understand it correctly, I use my secret magical technique to melt your body down into a puddle of its elements. When I have broken down all components of your body, I then rebuild it into the form I am thinking of. Or, you know, something vaguely close enough, anyway.
      • Player: Uh...that doesn't sound particularly safe to me.
      • Makeover Mage: It's as safe as houses! Why, I have only had thirty-six major accidents this month! So, what do you say? Feel like a change?
      • Select an option
    • Sure, do it.
      • Player: Sure, do it.
      • Makeover Mage: You, of course, agree that if by some accident you are turned into a frog you have no rights for compensation or refund.
      • (Makeover Mage interface opens.)
      • After changing appearance:
        • Makeover Mage: Woah!
        • Player: What?
        • Makeover Mage: You still look human!
        • Player: Uh, thanks, I guess.
      • If the player chooses the same appearance that they currently have:
        • Makeover Mage: That is no different from what you already have. I guess I shouldn't charge you if I'm not changing anything.
    • No, thanks.
      • Player: No, thanks. I'm happy as I am.
      • Makeover Mage: Ehhh...suit yourself.
    • Cool amulet! Can I have one?
      • Player: Cool amulet! Can I have one?
      • Makeover Mage: No problem, but please remember that the amulet I will sell you is only a copy of my own. It contains no magical powers and, as such, will only cost you 100 coins.
      • Select an option
        • Sure, here you go.
          • Player: Sure, here you go.
          • Player has 100 coins removed from them. Player receives yin yang amulet.
          • You receive an amulet in exchange for 100 coins.
          • Makeover Mage: I can alter your physical form if you wish. Would you like me to perform my magicks on you?
          • Select an option
        • No way! That's too expensive.
          • Player: No way! That's far too expensive.
          • Makeover Mage: That's fair enough, my jewellery is not to everyone's taste. Now, would you like a makeover?
          • (Same as above)
    • After Land of the Goblins:
      • Can you give me some more pharmakos berries?
        • Player: Can you give me some more pharmakos berries?
        • Makeover Mage: Of course. You just need to combine them with toadflax in a vial and you'll have a potion to transform you into a goblin. But they are hard for me to get, so please don't waste the potion. Remember, it will reverse itself if you are in direct sunlight or if you perform a strenuous activity like fighting. Now, here are the berries.
        • The Makeover Mage gives you bunch[sic] of strange red berries
    • If the player owns a promotional skin colour:

After Evil Dave's Big Day Out[edit | edit source]

  • Makeover Mage: Nice to see you again in your actual body. I assume everything went well on the whole getting-your-body-back front.
  • Player: It did indeed!
  • Makeover Mage: Great to hear – now what can I do for you?
  • [Opening dialogue]

Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

When the mage changes their own appearance:

  • The mage casts a spell on themselves.
  • If they went from male to female:
    • Makeover Mage: Ooh!
  • If they went from female to male:
    • Makeover Mage: Aha!