Dialogue for Major Mary Rancour

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In Burthorpe[edit | edit source]

  • If you previously received a Dwarven Army Axe but do not have it now
    • I've lost my Dwarven Army Axe.
      • Major Mary Rancour: So you have. There's one in the stores. Would you like it?
        • Yes.
          • Your reward has been added to your backpack: Dwarven army axe.
        • No.
  • There must be some fighting to do!
    • Major Mary Rancour: There's always trolls in the cave to the north-west. Go in there and kill some if you like.
  • (Replay the Burthrope arrival cutscene.)
    • Replay the Burthrope arrival cutscene
  • I need guidance.
    • Opens the tutorial list
  • Farewell.