Dialogue for Magic instructor (Terrova)

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  • Magic instructor: Good day, newcomer. Your journey is nearly at its end. My name is Terrova. Before you leave for the mainland, I'm going to tell you a little about Magic. Let's start by opening your spellbook.
  • The player's spellbook opens
  • Magic instructor: This is a list of your spells. Casting spells increases your Magic skill, and consumes runes which you carry in your backpack. You create runes with the Runecrafting skill. With a low Magic level, you can cast only the simplest spells, such as Air Strike. You must wield a magic weapon to cast combat spells. You'll begin your adventure in Lumbridge. Lumbridge is a quaint welcoming town in the kingdom of Misthalin. I suggest you complete the Blood Pact quest in Lumbridge. It will reward you with Melee, Ranged and Magic weapons. Speak to Xenia in the Lumbridge cemetery to begin. I'm going to deactivate the protective spells around this island so you can Home Teleport to Lumbridge using the Lodestone Network. If you ever get lost, you can freely teleport to a lodestone you have discovered. You'll have a mentor when you arrive in Lumbridge to help you on your first few adventures. He's a dwarf called Gudrik who lives in Taverley. Should you need guidance, you'll be able to contact your mentor.