Dialogue for Mage of Zamorak (Ourania)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mage of Zamorak (Ourania) and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What's that ladder next to the altar for?
  • Mage of Zamorak: An...archaeological dig. Yeah, a dig. Why?
  • Player: Next to a Chaos Altar? That's a bit odd. Can I go down and have a look?
  • Mage of Zamorak: Well...I suppose. See, we found this ancient altar, but it was pretty broken so the Z.M.I. sent some of its researchers to try and repair it.
  • Player: How'd that work out for them?
  • Mage of Zamorak: Pretty well - only one died. Still, They got it working...sort of. This ancient technology can be tricky.
  • Player: What do you mean, 'sort of'? Altars either work or don't work.
  • Mage of Zamorak: This one works, just not as you'd expect. You put pure essence in, but get random runes back. Some of them we don't even know how to craft!
  • Player: Sounds like a pretty good deal. Can I give it a go?
  • Mage of Zamorak: I don't think so. The mages don't like outsiders going in; they'll probably attack you. They only patrol the short path, though, so if you used the long path, through a tunnel near the entrance, you'd probably be safe.
  • Player: Thanks.