Dialogue for Mage of Zamorak

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mage of Zamorak and the player.

At the Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Before starting the Abyss miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • (Quest Overview interface opens.)
    • Not right now
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Accept quest
      • If the player does not meet the requirements:
        • You do not meet the requirements to start : 'Abyss (miniquest)'.[sic]
      • If the player meets the requirements:
        • (Transcript missing. edit)

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • Mage of Zamorak: This is no place to talk! Meet me at the Varrock Chaos Temple!

At the Chaos Temple in Varrock[edit | edit source]

Before starting the Abyss miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • He is ignoring you.

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • So what is this 'abyss' stuff?
    • Player: I really don't see how this talk about an 'abyss' relates to RuneCrafting in the slightest...
    • Mage of Zamorak: My primary research responsibility was not towards the manufacture of runes, this is true. Rather, I was investigating an error that occurred to one of our initiates in a routine teleportation experiment. My discovery was this 'abyssal' space, and as a side effect, as documented in the research notes I have given you, I discovered the existence of these 'temples' used to create runes. Fortunate for both of us, I would say. As I say, read my research notes, it should all become clear. My colleague inside the abyss may be of help to you as well.
  • Is this abyss dangerous?
    • Player: This 'abyss' place... Is it dangerous?
    • Mage of Zamorak: Well, the creatures there ARE particularly offensive...
    • Player: You mean they smell?
    • Mage of Zamorak: No, I mean they hunt and attack any visitors to their dimension on sight. This is not the danger however.
    • Player: It's not?
    • Mage of Zamorak: Unfortunately the magic we have had to use to retain a portal to the abyss open and effective is derived from Lord Zamorak himself.
    • Player: And that's a bad thing somehow...?
    • Mage of Zamorak: Well, he has his occasional quirks. In this case it means that when you enter this dimension your prayer will be drained. This makes it somewhat more dangerous than other places you may be used to.
  • Can you teleport me there now?
    • Player: Well, I reckon I'm prepared to go there now. Beam me there, or whatever it is that you do!
    • Mage of Zamorak: No, not from here. The use of my Lord Zamoraks magic in this land will draw too much attention to myself. Meet me in the wilderness where you spoke to me before, and right click to find the 'teleport' option. I trust you do not wish to have too lengthy a conversation in such a dangerous place.
    • Player: You're right, I don't!
    • Mage of Zamorak: I should be able to improve my stock of runes thanks to your assistance locating the essence site too, so feel free to stop by if you require any specific runes.
    • Player: Okay, thanks!
  • Do you have any new information on the abyss?
  • - When picking this option for the first time -
    • Player: Do you have any new information on the abyss?
    • Mage of Zamorak: Yes, in fact I do. I've recently come across an item that is very useful in the abyss.
    • Player: Oooh, can I have it?
    • Mage of Zamorak: Have? No. Not at all. Sell? We can talk. When worn, this item briefly attracts and stores a remnant of the chaotic energy within the abyss.
    • Player: A weapon of extreme power? I'll take it!
    • Mage of Zamorak: ...
    • Player: No?
    • Mage of Zamorak: No. The energy dissipates too quickly for practical use, but it can be imbued into the runes.
    • Player: So I get super powered-
      • You learn more about runes you imbue, greatly improving the experience they provide. For it to work you will need to wear it while entering the wilderness, you will know if it is working. I must warn you - die within the wilderness and it will disappear. It's yours for 550,000 coins.
        • Buy The Mystery Item For 550 000 Coins?
          • Yes
          • No
            • Mage of Zamorak: Suit yourself.
  • - When picking this option any other time -
    • Buy The Mystery Item For 550 000 Coins?
      • Yes
      • No

Wearing a non-Zamorakian god item[edit | edit source]

  • Mage of Zamorak: How dare you wear such disrespectful attire in this holy place? Remove them immediately if you wish to speak to me.