Dialogue for Lumbridge Sage

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  • Lumbridge Sage: Greetings, adventurer. How may I help you?
    • Who are you?
      • Lumbridge Sage: I am Phileas, the Lumbridge Sage. In times past, people came from all around to ask me for advice. My renown seems to have diminished somewhat in recent years, though. Can I help you with anything?
    • Tell me about the town of Lumbridge.
      • Lumbridge Sage: Lumbridge is one of the older towns in the human-controlled kingdoms. It was founded over two hundred years ago towards the end of the Fourth Age. It's called Lumbridge because of this bridge built over the River Lum. The town is governed by Duke Horacio, who is a good friend of our monarch, King Roald of Misthalin. Recently, however, there have been great changes due to the Battle of Lumbridge.
      • What about the battle?
        • Lumbridge Sage: Indeed, not long ago there was a great fight between Saradomin and Zamorak on the battlefield to the west of the castle. Titanic forces were unleashed as neither side could gain the upper hand. Each side sought advantages, but it was close until the end. The battle lasted for months, but in the end the forces of the holy Saradomin were triumphant. Zamorak was defeated... but... Before Saradomin could complete his victory, Moia, the general of Zamorak's forces, transported him away. Now, the battlefield lies empty save for a single Saradominist devotee, and Lumbridge lies in ruins.
        • During the Lumbridge Rebuildathon
          • Luckily, Foreman George is organising a rebuilding effort, to the north of the castle.
    • Goodbye.
      • Lumbridge Sage: Good adventuring, traveller.
    • I'm fine for now, thanks.
      • (dialogue terminates)

During the Battle of Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What about the battle?
    • Lumbridge Sage: Why, the battle rages even now, on the far side of the castle. Saradomin and Zamorak are locked in battle, neither able to gain the upper hand. Where once was forest, there is a giant crater, in which soldiers and creatures fight to the death. And the city of Lumbridge has seen the ill-effects already! The castle walls themselves have fallen!
    • Player: Is there anything I can do?
    • Lumbridge Sage: You could join the battle if you wish. Both sides are seeking help from any individual who is willing, and not just for fighting - they are seeking something known as divine tears. You can join Saradomin by going to the camp at the north of the battlefield, and Zamorak by going to the south.