Dialogue for Lumbridge Guardsmen

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During the Battle of Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Greetings.
  • Player: Good day.
  • Player: Howdy.
  • Player: Salutations!
  • Guardsman [name]: Well met, adventurer.
  • Guardsman [name]: Well, hello there.
  • Guardsman [name]: Good day to you, adventurer.
    • Player: Tell me more about the Lumbridge Guardsmen.
      • Guardsman [name]: I spoke to a few people who asked me about signing up for the guardsmen. To be asked, you need to be a true local. I mean, when the call to arms was raised, our troops were waiting here, ready for action.
      • Guardsman [name]: I won't pretend that we're an elite fighting force, but we do our best, and so far we've held back the knights on the battlefield from entering the castle.
      • Guardsman [name]: The guardsmen are mainly local farmers who come to the town's defence in hours of need, such as now! We defend the castle from the battle that is raging to the west.
    • Player: What is there to do around here?
      • Guardsman [name]: Many people have gone to join the armies or[sic] Saradomin or Zamorak, and I suppose you could too, but we'd appreciate it if you keep the fighting away from the castle!
      • Guardsman [name]: The battlefield is not the only threat to Lumbridge. Goblins have invaded to the east, and we could use your help to keep the numbers down!
      • Guardsman [name]: Although the battle rages on, the other problems of the world have not gone away. There are many people who need help nearby. Perhaps Xenia or Explorer Jack have some work.
      • Guardsman [name]: If you want to train your creative skills, there are trees to cut, or you could collect leather from the cow fields to the east.
    • Player: Tell me about Lumbridge.
      • Guardsman [name]: Lumbridge used to be a safe haven where you could find your feet. Now it's a war-torn battleground. I long for the day when the battle is over?
      • Guardsman [name]: It used to be much nicer here, before the Battle of Lumbridge started. Sure, we had goblins raiding from time to time, but they're easy compared to Zamorakian demons!
      • Guardsman [name]: Lumbridge is currently devastated by the battle raging to the west. Have you seen the state of Explorer Jack's house? And the castle walls are ruined!
    • Player: What are you guarding?
      • Guardsman [name]: I'm doing the best I can to keep the fighting on the battlefield to the west and away from the Duke! At least the knights on the battlefield are mainly focused on each other!
      • Guardsman [name]: I am guarding the castle as best I can. We don't have many troops left, between our losses and people defecting to join Saradomin, or even Zamorak.
      • Guardsman [name]: We all have to act together in times of trouble. What if a Zamorakian demon or rogue Saradominist sneaks into the castle? We must be ready!
    • Player: Bye.