Dialogue for Lucy (A Shadow over Ashdale)

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After A Shadow Over Ashdale[edit | edit source]

Talking to Lucy

  • Lucy: Hello! Good to see you again.
    • What can I do around here?
      • Lucy: Well, since you’re an adventurous type, you might want to head down to the Ashdale caves. There’s a stone pathway at the north-west corner of the island that leads directly to them. There are still a lot of those crassian things down there, although apparently they’re not a direct threat to the town. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to keep their numbers down.
      • Cutscene shows the location of the Ashdale caves entrance
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    • Can you give me directions?
      • There’s a campfire and a fishing spot to the west, so if you wanted to do some fishing or cooking that would be the way to go. The quarry is to the east. Just head through that archway over there and keep going straight. You can’t miss it.
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    • How are things here?
      • Well, there hasn’t been a zombie attack or mass abduction recently, so I’d say things are pretty good. Although no-one’s seen Digory Popplewell since the crassian incident, and naturally everyone fears the worst. Poor Mr Popplewell.
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    • Goodbye.
      • Lucy: See you later!
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