Transcript of Love Story journal entry

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  • At a barn north-east of Draynor Village, I met a young woman called Mabel. She was crying because she'd lost her ring. I agreed to find it for her.
  • I must search the barn to find Mabel's ring.
  • I found Mabel's ring in the hayloft, behind a load of hay.
  • I must try to return Mabel's ring to her. However, a strange woman called Zenevivia has taken it. I must find out what she wants from me.
  • Zenevivia seems to have scared Mabel into hiding. She wants me to fetch her a twig from a haystack, so I must search the hay.
  • I found a twig that I can give to Zenevivia.
  • Zenevivia accepted the twig but did not return Mabel's ring to me. I must find out what she really wants.
  • Zenevivia has revealed that she despises adventurers, such as me. I must find out what she wants.
  • She wants to fight me and the Wise Old Man together, and she expects to kill us both.
  • I've got to join forces with the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village. It turns out that he and Zenevivia used to be romantically involved. Apparently he was only interested in questing, and she was only interested in fighting things, so they broke up acrimoniously.
  • The Wise Old Man and I must find Zenevivia, then defeat her. Hopefully he'll have an idea about how to proceed
  • The Wise Old Man thinks that Zenevivia will be in his house, which used to be accessed via the portal in Rimmington. I must collect him frou[sic] outside his house in Draynor Village and accompany him to Rimmington.
  • The Wise Old Man is trying to find a way into his old house via the Rimmington portal. I must see if he has any success.
  • The Wise Old Man told me to get a chisel and meet him in the house of Anja & Hengel in Rimmington. He gave me 100 teleportation tablets. I must see what he wants me to do with them.
  • He showed me how to chip a teleportation tablet with a chisel to access the spell inside. I've managed to modify the spell so that it can take us to the Wise Old Man's house.
  • The Wise Old Man & I have travelled to his house, using a modified teleportation tablet. It appears that Zenevivia has made significant changes to the house.
  • I can return to this house at any time by chipping another teleportation tablet with a chisel. If I die in this house, I may lose my items. My gravestone will appear in Rimmington.
  • The dungeon of this house is riddled with extremely powerful traps. We must try to disable them. The Wise Old Man may have a plan.
  • I must fetch some materials to build something that can help us disable the traps. The Wise Old Man can tell me what to do with them.
  • I made a dummy to disable the traps. The Wise Old Man supplied magical power for it. I must put the dummy down the dungeon entrance.
  • Perhaps the Wise Old Man will be able to help me retrieve the dummy if necessary.
  • I put the dummy into the dungeon to disable the traps. When I am confident that I have cleared enough traps, I can enter the dungeon myself.
  • The Wise Old Man and I entered the dungeon to fight our way through to the far side.
  • Apparently, the Wise Old Man still has feelings for Zenevivia. He wants to win her back again, if we can persuade her to listen to him.
  • We reached Zenevivia. She refused to listen to the Wise Old Man, and insisted on fighting us. She plans to prove that she's mightier than the world's two greatest adventurers.
  • After a fierce battle, we defeated Zenevivia. The Wise Old Man is now persuading her to fall in love with him again.
  • They're talking about going to the Draynor Wizards' Tower together. I should talk to them to learn more. They plan to carry out their robbery in a moment.
  • I'm supposed to use the Wise Old Man's telescope, upstairs in his house, to watch the robbery.
  • The Wise Old Man and Zenevivia suffered an embarrassing defeat at the Wizards' Tower. Now that they're back, I can reclaim Mabel's ring from Zenevivia.
  • Zenevivia returned Mabel's ring to me, and the happy couple rewarded me for helping to bring them back together.
  • Mabel gave me a reward lamp for returning her ring.
  • The Draynor bank guard gave me 5,000 coins for helping him out of his tree.
  • The Wise Old Man also taught me to redirect teleportation tablets to Trollheim after I brought him the diary of Runvastr.