Dialogue for Louis the Camel

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After starting the event:

  • Louis the Camel: Oh, hello.
  • Player: Hi, you don't seem overly cheerful.
  • Louis the Camel: Oh...you're a blunt one. It's nothing really. I was invited to this party, but they haven't provided any thorns or salt plant for me to eat. It seems very inconsiderate.
  • Player: But surely you've heard all the foods been stolen?
  • Louis the Camel: See! No one cares to mention it to me. Nobody tells the camel anything!
  • Player: Well, most people can't talk to camels. I only can because I'm wearing this Camulet.
  • Louis the Camel: Excuses. *yawn* They just find me boring.

While wearing the Bedsheets

  • Louis the Camel: Why are you wearing those bedsheets? I'll never understand human fashion trends.
  • Player: This isn't a fashion trend. I'm pretending to be a ghost.
  • Player: This is a long shot, but you don't happen to know anything about Ebenezer Scourge's past do you?
  • Louis the Camel: Who's Ebenezer Scourge?
  • Player: Never mind.

When the partygoers have been set on fire:

  • Louis the Camel: Humans have the strangest customs.
  • Player: What do you mean?
  • Louis the Camel: The way they set themselves on fire every Christmas for instance.
  • Player: They haven't done this! Why would anyone do that to themselves? They've been cursed.
  • Louis the Camel: Oh, sure. You just feel bad for me because you didn't invite me to join in. You don't have to pretend.
  • Player: You're insane.
  • Louis the Camel: Says the woman/man whose species sets themselves on fire every Christmas.

When summoned to Scourge:

  • Player: Can you help me convince Scourge the error of his ways?
  • Louis the Camel: I could do - you humans do have a habit of ruining things - but I don't think he can understand me.
  • Ebenezer Scourge: Ghost, are you talking to that camel?

After the event:

  • Louis the Camel: Apparently, you saved Christmas.
  • Player: I played a part.
  • Louis the Camel: No need to boast.