Dialogue for Lorzan

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  • One of the following conversation will occur at random
    • Conversation 1
      • Lorzan: Are you a surface-dweller?
      • Player: Yes...
      • Lorzan: Haha! You look funny! All tall and skinny with tiny eyes!
    • Conversation 2
      • Lorzan: Are you Player? Did you help Zanik save the city?
      • Player: Yes, that was me!
      • Lorzan: When I'm older I'm going to be an adventurer, just like Zanik!
    • Conversation 3
      • Lorzan: Sorry, I'm not meant to talk to strangers.
    • Conversation 4
      • Lorzan: Shh! Don't tell anyone!
      • Player: Don't tell anyone what?
      • Lorzan: SHHH!
    • Conversation 5
      • Lorzan: Help! Help! The surface people are attacking!
      • Player: It's alright, I'm friendly!