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In Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

Talking to Lord Amlodd[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Amlodd: Behold, the great Lord Amlodd! Returned, from the plane of sp-! Oh, I've done that part already. Anything I can help you with, Player?
    • Ask about Lord Amlodd...
      • Player: Could you tell me a little more of your experiences in the Spirit Plane?
      • Lord Amlodd: Ho ho, gladly! It's such a wonderful place. Hmm, now, what can I remember... Oh, yes - food! Food is an interesting thing in that place. You see, familiars don't need to eat. They're sustained by a strange connection between our worlds - possibly between all worlds. Truly, they feed off of the memories of others. The Amlodd believe that familiars are nothing more than manifest concepts - ideas brought to life through the power of anima. A spirit wolf comes into being due to those of us who THINK about wolves and the idea of wolfiness. Wait, 'wolfiness'? That's not a wordl. Hmm, pretend that it is; you get the idea. Though, I have also heard claims that the Spirit Plane is nothing more than an underworld for beings of limited consciousness. Whatever is the case, they don't NEED to eat, and yet there I saw them, ever day, doing through the motions of eating. Predator and prey still going through the motions, and tiny spirit eating spirit forms of plant life. It was fascinating. And yet, for all my time there, I don't recall ever eating myself.[sic] ...[sic] Ho, now I'M hungry. Hurry up with your questions. I'd like to get some dinner.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Clan Amlodd...
      • Player: Can you tell me about Clan Amlodd?
      • Lord Amlodd: The Amlodd are the greatest of all elf clans! We divide the will of Seren, and call forth creatures from the Spirit Plane to help hold back the shadows! Most elves have an affinity with nature, but the Amlodd are the closest to it. I don't meant the simple stuff like the soil and the trees - that's Clan Crwys. No, I mean the Anima Mundi - the connection between all forms of life and the spirit of the world that flows through us all. an specifically, about the light energy that flows withing it. We stay clear of dark energies wherever we might find them. That is except for the shadows we summon here in order to cleanse them of corruption.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Amlodd skills...
      • Player: Can you tell me about Clan Amlodd's skills?
      • Lord Amlodd: The Amlodd is comprised of highly skilled summoners and experienced diviners of Seren's will. We seek the aid of protectors from the Spirit Plane, and use their light to banish shadows. Although the Dark Lord has been dealt with, it has cast a long shadow over the elven lands. For each shadow defeated, and each ore cleansed in the Right of Light below, we are one step closer to returning Seren to us all!
      • Player: So, are light creatures associated with Seren in some way?
      • Lord Amlodd: Oh ho ho! no, my friend. Not exactly. They are their own beings, but they are intrinsically linked with Lady Seren. My belief is that they are attracted to certain beings who share their affinity to light. And, though this is just my theory, I belive when our lady shattered, they were drawn to the largest of her remnants. We all know how that worked out - all the Dark Lord nonsense. Yet we see it as our duty to cleanse these creatures of light as much as it is to cleanse Seren. In turn, these light creatures help us to locate parts of Seren - some of which we turn over to the other clans - so that they may peform their own duties. In fact, if you would see it as your duty to cleanse these poor light creatures, then I would reward your efforts. To fully cleanse Seren, we must purify her mind, body and soul. The shadows reflect corruption of each of these things. So, in turn, we must cleanse the truthful, blissful, and manifest shadow creatures. Please collect cores from each type - fifteen of each should suffice.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Nothing, thanks.

Talking to Lord Amlodd after completing "I'm forever washing shadows"[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Amlodd: I'd say you deserve this lamp - though it's my only one, so don't lose it!
  • Congratulations, you have completed 'I'm Forever Washing Shadows'. (Aid Lord Amlodd in cleansing shadow cores.)
  • (continues with normal dialogue)

Related to the of the Amlodd title[edit | edit source]

Talking to Lord Amlodd If you have a Light creature summoned with the Enlightenment scroll activated

  • Lord Amlodd: Behold, the great Lord Amlodd! Returned, from the plane of sp-! Oh, I've done that part already. Anything I can help you with, Player?
  • Lord Amlodd: Or perhaps it's you that should be helping me - you're as enlightened as any Amlodd!
  • You have unlocked the title 'of the Amlodd'.
  • (as above)