Transcript of Login Lockout - A Message From Mod Warden | March 12th 2021

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hey scapers mod warden here executive
[00:03] producer for for runescape i wanted to
[00:05] get a message to you before the weekend
[00:06] started and
[00:07] let you know what's been happening
[00:09] behind the scenes and what's happening
[00:10] next
[00:11] first off and before i jump into some
[00:13] details a half of everyone here
[00:16] jagex and the runescape team we just
[00:17] want to say thank you thank you thank
[00:19] you for all that continued support and
[00:21] love and understanding you've been
[00:23] giving us
[00:24] and and for for those of you that are
[00:26] that are affected we
[00:27] we want to get you playing as soon as
[00:29] possible i know you're just as
[00:31] frustrated as as we are
[00:33] but your kind comments are the rocket
[00:35] fuel for us and
[00:36] and we work around the clock uh so that
[00:39] we can get you back in the game as
[00:40] quickly as possible
[00:42] so in our last chat i mentioned the
[00:44] importance of
[00:45] of urgent accuracy and getting you back
[00:48] into the game
[00:49] that remains to be our focus and top
[00:51] priority
[00:52] or this is a very complicated process
[00:54] and takes several steps
[00:56] to work this out uh we've got to
[00:58] reconstruct
[01:00] data from the telemetry we we had mod zz
[01:03] on on on stream and he told us all about
[01:06] telemetry well it's a very very
[01:07] complicated process
[01:08] you have to go through a lot of steps
[01:10] and sequences to
[01:12] be able to reconstruct and verify
[01:15] but we also build a lot of new tools and
[01:17] scripts to help us do this
[01:19] and and this is going to help speed up
[01:20] the process a little bit but we don't
[01:22] want to lose sight
[01:23] of the importance of of your your data
[01:26] now on that note i have some some some
[01:28] good news today we're moving to the
[01:29] account restoration phase
[01:31] it's going to consist of two parts
[01:32] really and and the first part of this
[01:35] is an as a like an account integrity
[01:38] check
[01:38] uh and then we'll move on to the the
[01:40] proper restore step
[01:42] and we want to get those locks of off of
[01:44] some of those accounts
[01:45] that uh you might be experiencing so
[01:48] that you can play a play again
[01:51] so additionally our qa and
[01:55] engineering teams they are actually
[01:57] testing and validating the first
[01:59] restored accounts
[02:00] and and these are some of the personal
[02:02] jmod accounts actually
[02:03] a few of us here were affected as well
[02:06] and they're part of the first wave of
[02:08] assessments and
[02:09] and i really like to call them the
[02:10] canaries and the coal mine this will
[02:12] help us find the bigger problems that we
[02:14] might have missed
[02:16] and then kind of dial in those
[02:17] refinements further
[02:19] next we're going to move on onto a beta
[02:22] phase
[02:23] and we're going to need your help to to
[02:25] do this
[02:26] we'll invite some of you to participate
[02:28] so that you can assess
[02:29] the quality of your account and give us
[02:32] the feedback
[02:33] let us know what's missing uh and and
[02:36] what we can do to better uh to
[02:37] make improvements to it this will help
[02:40] us find any of those additional edge
[02:41] cases that we miss in
[02:43] in the other testing that we do and if
[02:45] you're selected to to participate in
[02:47] this test we won't be providing you any
[02:50] any additional benefits over
[02:51] other other players we really want to
[02:54] take a fair and balanced approach how
[02:55] how we do this
[02:57] just need the feedback at this time so
[02:59] that we can assess where we stand
[03:01] and get you back in the game in the
[03:03] right way possible
[03:04] if all goes to plan uh and and what we
[03:07] learned from the testing i think in the
[03:09] next couple days
[03:10] we could ideally start that beta uh in
[03:13] in the next week
[03:14] so where do we stand on game updates the
[03:17] focus on prepping the beta
[03:19] we can't really put our release out this
[03:21] this coming monday
[03:22] but if we can get the results we're
[03:23] looking for we could ideally resume
[03:25] content
[03:26] on the 22nd as our highest priority is
[03:29] still focused on supporting
[03:31] players that are they're being affected
[03:33] by this issue
[03:35] and i always like to to think about how
[03:37] runescape is this massive
[03:39] massive living game and and how
[03:41] important it is to
[03:42] get content to all of our players so as
[03:46] we move in and out of all of these faces
[03:48] so
[03:48] the resources also become available we
[03:51] can kind of shift them on different
[03:52] initiatives and this is also the reason
[03:55] why we can
[03:56] also consider getting our jam-packed
[03:58] content roadmap
[04:00] back back and back in motion we're going
[04:02] to start this
[04:03] this is actually really super exciting
[04:05] with rex matriarch's
[04:07] awesome new bossing content and and
[04:10] followed by something i think is going
[04:11] to put a smile on your face
[04:13] mod pie those those uh pie mist combat
[04:16] fixes
[04:17] that's going to be part of our next
[04:18] ninja release we have some fun holiday
[04:21] events
[04:22] easter april fool's right around the
[04:24] corner
[04:25] new events 404 for that another thing i
[04:28] get asked a lot is
[04:29] what's happening with that elite dungeon
[04:31] exploit fix
[04:32] well we got that development well
[04:34] underway we're going to get that one to
[04:35] you
[04:36] very soon as well so all of this is
[04:38] coming over the next couple weeks
[04:41] and we want to get your mates back into
[04:42] the game alongside that
[04:45] few more things we're going to be
[04:46] extending extending yak track
[04:48] uh by a few more weeks and we're going
[04:51] to bring back the trader i know some of
[04:52] you guys are
[04:53] are are worried about about missing out
[04:57] so hopefully this is going to put your
[04:58] mind to ease a little bit
[05:00] so to recap we're moving into a new
[05:02] restoration phase
[05:04] internal testing is now underway on jmod
[05:07] accounts personal jmod accounts
[05:09] remember they are the canaries right
[05:11] next wave is going to be player testing
[05:13] we're doing this to a beta ideally this
[05:16] is going to happen next week
[05:18] this is going to help us dial in those
[05:20] edge cases
[05:22] and then we talked about there isn't
[05:23] going to be a monday release sorry about
[05:26] but we're shooting for the 22nd good
[05:28] news
[05:29] we want to resume content in the right
[05:31] way possible so we got rex
[05:33] right we got pimas we got some bunny
[05:37] and april silliness coming coming around
[05:39] the corner too that nasty elite dungeon
[05:41] fix inbound
[05:43] and we're going to extend jack track and
[05:45] we're going to bring back
[05:46] our bring back vic the traitor so i
[05:49] wanted to leave you with one last
[05:50] message
[05:51] my mission our mission right is to do
[05:54] right by the player i said this in
[05:56] in the last live stream as well and even
[05:58] if this beta doesn't get us
[06:00] exactly where we want to be we're going
[06:02] to keep
[06:03] continuing trying to make things right
[06:05] and we're going to continue to work on
[06:07] this issue and get you back into a happy
[06:09] place
[06:10] so please keep an eye out on
[06:13] and through all the social
[06:15] channels our community managers are
[06:17] working around the clock trying to keep
[06:19] the that information flowing
[06:21] and once again thank you for
[06:25] for watching really really want to thank
[06:27] you for your patience and support
[06:29] we back news with more soon hopefully
[06:32] more good news
[06:33] thanks everyone