Dialogue for Lisse Isaakson

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  • Lisse Isaakson: Hello, visitor!
  • Player: Hello. What are you up to?
  • Lisse Isaakson: Ah, I was about to collect some yak's milk to make yak cheese.
  • Player: Eughr! Though I am curious. Can I try some?
  • Lisse Isaakson: Sorry, no. The last outlander who ate my cheese was ill for a month.
  • Player: So why don't you get ill as well?
  • Lisse Isaakson: Well, we eat yak milk products every day, from when we're born. So I suppose we're used to it. Anyway I should stop yakking - haha - and get on with my work.
  • Player: I'm glad to see that puns are common everywhere in Gielinor; even here.