Dialogue for Lilly

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  • Lilly: Uh..... hi... didn't see you there. Can.... I help?
  • Player: Umm... do you sell potions?
  • Lilly: Erm... yes. When I'm not drinking them.
  • I'd like to see what you have for sale.
    • Opens Warrior's Guild Potion Shop interface.
  • That's a pretty wall hanging.
    • Player: That's a pretty wall hanging.
    • Lilly: Do you think so? I made it myself.
    • Player: Really? Is that why there's all this cloth and dye around?
    • Lilly: Yes, it's a hobby of mine when I'm.... relaxing.
  • Bye.
    • Player: Bye.
    • Lilly: Have fun and come back soon!