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After Birthright of the Dwarves[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Brae: What can I do for you, Player?
    • Player: So you're still head of the Keldagrim Black Guard?
      • Lieutenant Brae: I am. I was having trouble with the responsibility at first, but the Supreme Commander says I've grown into the job.
    • Player: I want to talk about the Red Axe spies.
      • Lieutenant Brae: Thanks for your help with that, Player. At first I was annoyed that Veldaban would send a human to judge dwarves, but perhaps only an outsider could have judged them fairly.
        • Player: What do you think of my choices?
          • Lieutenant Brae: What do you want me to say? Is your conscience troubling you?Do you want me to tell you that you made the right choice?
          • Lieutenant Brae: As the king's agent you were empowered to judge the prisoners however you saw fit. From a legal standpoint, whatever you did was correct.
          • Lieutenant Brae: Decisions like that come with the terrirtory, I'm afraid. No one said they were going to be easy.
        • Player: Where do you send dwarves when they're exiled?
          • Lieutenant Brae: They're forbidden to enter lands controlled by Keldagrim. A lot of them seem to end up to the south of Yanille.
        • Player: How do the executions take place?
          • Lieutenant Brae: A dwarf sentenced to death is taken to the mines outside the city and a Black Guard cuts off their head with an axe. It may not be a perfect system but at least it's quick.
    • Player: I should go.
      • Lieutenant Brae: It was good to see you again, player.