Transcript of Letter from brundt

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To our most noble visitor, Allow me to thank you for rescuing our brothers from the Demon Halls. We don't know what possessed you to venture underground, and our seers are unsure how you passed the protective barriers, but your help in our time of need shall not go unnoticed. After discussing your deeds with the council, it is with great honour that I welcome you to the Fremennik. I am proud to call you 'brother'.

I witnessed your bravery and now understand that this place, which many now call Daemonheim, is more than we can handle. As I return to our home, word has been sent to adventurers all across Gielinor. We hope that with their help and yours, we can drive back the taint within.

And so my brother, I must ask one more thing of you... that you might accompany these warriors into the dungeon. Be their guide. Then maybe they will survive the deeper floors and put an end to the source of this evil.

Please accept these furs, helm and boots, and may the god that has protected you until now remain vigilant in the days to come.

Many thanks.

-Brundt, Chieftain of the Fremennik

When used on the Smuggler[edit | edit source]

This transcript involves dialogue with Smuggler and the player.
  • Player: Could you tell me what this is used for?
  • Smuggler: It looks like a letter to me. Mind if I take a look?
    • Player: What's it doing down here?
      • Smuggler: ...Perhaps a keepsake for one of the residents.
    • Player: Does it belong to you?
      • Smuggler: I have no idea what you are talking about.
      • Player: Hmm, okay, if you say so.