Transcript of Letter from King Raddallin

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I hope this letter finds you.

Things have been strained in this kingdom of ours of late. I want you to know that, no matter how loudly the White Knights may say otherwise, your role in the foundation of this great and united nation has not been forgotten.

As I'm sure you remember, two months ago the Council of Falador presented Grand Master Perior with a sword and declared him saviour of the city. I believe this action was taken to embarrass you and your Order of Kinshra.

To redress this, I have comissioned[sic] a similar sword for you. It was my intention to have the Council present it to you similarly, but they have refused. Therefore I send it to you personally. Receive it in the knowledge that even if you do not have the friendship of the nobles of Falador, you have mine. The blade is fine, and will serve you well. My court mages have enchanted it with fresh runes carted all the way from Gulvas in Silvarea.

I hope that you find yourself in Falador again soon. Though I hold the faith of the Saradominists in great respect, they are becoming more and more boisterous in their proselytisation. In the absense of your public and respectable face, I fear the name of Zamorak is becoming tarnished in the eyes of my people.

I caution you and your knights to be on their finest behaviour. In this climate, I fear another incident like the burning of the chapel could bring the wrath not only of the knights, but of the people themselves down upon your order. If for no other reason than to provide a balance of the faiths, I do not wish to see that come about.

In nomine Saradomin

In nomine Zamorak

Forever your friend,

King Raddallin of Asgarnia,

High Chieftain of the Asgarn and ruler of the twenty-two tribes.